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FOR SALE WYSIWYG: ZOA's Cool softys and LPS


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Sep 7, 2021
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Michigan, Farmington
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Hello. Message me for pics or offers my prices are not firm if you get more than 1 :)
Currently, for sale, I have some
* ~1-6-month-old frags of neon tyre green long polyp toadstool in a variety of sizes ranging from $15-$45
* A strange gorgonian, purple with super fury long polyps, *photosynthetic. :) $20
* Bloodsucker ZOA frag ~$15 *NOT WYSIWYG (Colony Pictured)
* Acan Echinata $35
* blue/grey Florida Ricordia $20
* Xenia $15

1B4DA587-99A0-4EB7-87FF-4F5BC9F6DC6E.jpg 2467D3EF-5DE6-410E-9589-5C9000238EA0.jpg ADA369E0-CF89-493E-A095-87EBBBFB24E3.jpg 82789D69-66C2-4218-8BF8-D03AADC7727A.jpg EA24BB59-839F-4C7E-A988-F51F1020468A.jpg IMG_5616.jpg 31952570-5195-447A-B3D0-84D22DAB22F6.jpg


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