Quality Marine Supports Ranched Marine Species (Post-Larval Capture and Culture: PCC)

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Jun 29, 2022
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In an exciting partnership, Quality Marine, in collaboration with Tropical Marine Center (TMC) in the UK and ecocean, have embarked on a program that centers on ranching species using night light traps. In this innovative approach, post-larval fish are drawn to light and gather in specially designed illuminated traps. These night light traps can be deployed in various marine environments and are currently in use in several locations. Sustainability stands at the forefront, for the long-term viability of our trade and the well-being of our aquatic habitats, and our commitment to supporting these types of programs as well as land-based and in-situ aquaculture continues and grows. The method of capturing tiny post-larvae species solely through light-based techniques not only augments sustainable wild harvest, but also complements our aquaculture efforts. By cultivating and raising these species within a controlled environment, they are protected from predation, which significantly increasing their chances of survival. This initiative proves especially significant since a substantial portion of larvae species in the wild, never reach maturity due to natural attrition. Moreover, healthy ranched marine species exhibit far greater survival rates than their counterparts left to fend for themselves in the open ocean. Any surplus populations not destined for the aquarium trade can be released back onto the reef at a juvenile stage where their chances of survival increase significantly, which contributes to the replenishment of wild reef species populations. To learn more about this ranching program please click here