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Discussion in 'Red Sea' started by foozed, Sep 12, 2017.

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    We’re big fans of all the Red Sea products and use the blue bucket, Foundation A, B, and C, energy and colors.
    We’re finding as our 150 gallon tank matures (10 months old) we’re using more and more Foundation B powder supplement to keep Alk up.
    We try for 10 but we’re down to 8.6 and we’re dosing 120ml per day.
    We just increased to 140 to try to raise it but it seems excessive.

    Anyone know if the pre mixed liquid is more potent?

    We’re considering changing to coral pro salt too.
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    It is stronger than the B after being mixed from powder, but it's also less value for money than mixing your own from Foundation B Powder

    When mixed it's 1ml per 100 litres=0.034dkh. From the Red Sea site:

    Liquid supplement: 1ml will raise the Alk level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 0.036 meq/l (0.1dKH)

    Powder supplement: 1g will raise the Alk level of 100 liters (25 gal) 0.12 meq/l (0.33dKH)
    1 kg will make 10L of stock solution.

    I followed the Red Sea accelerated growth program in my Max S 650 and used Coral Pro salt for around a year and to maintain the higher foundation elements, once stable I was dosing as follows:
    Ca 40ml per day
    Alk 225ml per day
    Mg 0. The Coral Pro provided enough as was always high

    So you see from my tank which has around 500-570 after displacement your Alk dosage is lower than mine was to maintain 12.6dKh as per accelerated growth parameters. You could use the pre made solution to lower your actual dosage because it's stronger but it's more expensive. Your choice however as they both work.

    The Coral Pro Salt will help you maintain higher Alk with water changes as it mixes to around 11.5-12.5 as standard along with higher A and C elements and as above I used it for around a year with good results.

    I've now gone back to the standard Red Sea Salt as I'm maintaining lower and more 'standard levels' which this provides, as all the corals seem happier at around 8.2dkh.

    Just for reference my current dosing is:
    Ca 8ml per day
    Alk 67ml per day
    Mg 15ml per day
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    Red Sea makes the "B" powder weaker than the liquid, by rule of country's, chemical laws.

    So, The "B" powder is not as concentrated as the "B" liquid.

    So, Most reefer's have to dose more powder part "B" than the powder part "A" :)

    Here's some 5 liter (liquid) jugs of all three but... (lol) the price is like :eek:
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