Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XL 425 setup


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Aug 24, 2010
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Marion Iowa
Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XL 425 (88 gallon display 24 gallon sump all glass)
2 AI Hydra 26 HD LED
Bubble Magus curve 7
2 VorTech MP40s
Tunze Osmolator 3155
2 300W TH titanium heaters from BRS
Neptune DOS/DDR dosing sys tem
Neptune auto feeder
Neptune leak detection kit
Reef octopus various 8 dc controllable return pump
Apex controller (Apex Controller System - Neptune Systems)
additional eb8for controller
BRS 6 stage deluxe plus 100 gpd ro/di system
Aquamax fluidized GFO/carbon reactor with sicce syncra silent 1.0
2 Accel aquatics FR30 media reactors
Skimz MBR127 macroalgae reactor

65 pounds of marcorocks reef saver live rock
50 foot Python clean and fill kit from BRS
Flipper max mag cleaner
Hanna HI98319 salinity tester
Traceable long stem calibration thermometer
Marinepure gems ceramic media

Asking $3000 obo for everything, not parting out just yet. Message me with questions, located in CR Iowa

83B65B29-290F-448D-9950-1FB4B8D6CE61.jpeg A7C1EAAB-B80F-4AD9-BCCB-2C356F70C37A.jpeg 27F8F621-BB1F-427B-9C50-65D71AA2DA7F.jpeg 3EB2D139-E70A-4AD8-A281-3FB324BBB719.jpeg

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