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Apr 21, 2020
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Feeling a bit frustrated, so I purchased a Red Sea 425xl, I purchased it a few months ago until everything was ready to be set up so I started the set up opened the Red Sea box 2 scratches on main glass, contact Red Sea and the reply was that 24 hour after the tank was bought I would have to inspect for any damages??? they should be clear in this when buying , I bought it months ago because they are hard to come by and I wasn’t ready to build the tank. They want to offer a care package instead of replacing the tank. There was a voice saying waterbox when I went to by the tank but I didn’t listen to it. There should not even be that fine line. Unboxed and there was damage. There is nothing more annoying then a glass with scratches or should I say a new tank with scratches.
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Aug 12, 2018
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I’m with you on this, because in this particular hobby— more so than most every other— tank (and other equipment) manufacturers should realize that assembling my tank could be a month’s-long process, with items bought sometimes in random order; things bought this week that may have no use for months. Like a skimmer with nothing to skim because the system has no sump yet... or even water. My tanks came, and I didn’t unbox them for WEEKS if I remember correctly; they sat in my garage as I worked on the stands. My point is that the norm of ‘open and inspect with 24/48 hours’ is often not a reality in this game. The clock should start to tick from the unboxing (as in your case), not from the date of arrival. Even 90-days to unbox would make better sense in this hobby.


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