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May 7, 2020
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Hey everyone! I officially started my journey into reefing roughly a year ago by gathering parts. Last week I ordered the tank will be using - Waterbox Infini Reef 150.4 which is expected to ship early June.

A bit of my background. My dad had a reef aquarium for roughly 15 years until we had a catastrophic ice storm which caused a week long power outage. Afterwards my father switched to African cichlids to reduce maintenance needs.

I have two planted freshwater tanks setup which will remain runnings alongside my reef tank.

125 gallon planted community tank -

20 gallon planted betta tank-

Beyond aquariums, my wife and I share a passion for landscaping. I also spend a good amount of time making models (when time allows).

As for the reef tank. I am just needing 1 more MP40 and a return pump. If anyone has a recommendation for a return pump; I’m all ears. The top of my list right now is a Syncra SDC 7.

How much do you care about having a display FREE of wires, pumps and equipment?

  • Want it squeaky clean! Wires be danged!

    Votes: 191 40.1%
  • A few things are ok with me!

    Votes: 243 51.1%
  • No care at all! Bring it on!

    Votes: 42 8.8%