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Reef Octopus Elite 200SSS Skimmer

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Jul 13, 2017
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Nevada City
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This skimmer was bought new in late 2019 and run for about 3 years. Skimmer is cleaned and in very good condition overall - note the following:

- Controller and power supply are brand new oem from CoralVue (I lost them during a move so ordered replacements). Note the new controller didn't come with a new holder... so the holder included is the original (drilled).
- Comes with 4 feet of new oem airline tubing from CoralVue
- Comes with new oem float switch from CoralVue
-Skimmer cup came lose from the body and has been repaired with epoxy exactly as it was originally (see last photo)
-Skimmer cup is drilled for co2 scrubber airline. Can be easily pluged or just left open without issue as it's located at the very top of skimmer cup wall.
-Missing 1 rubber foot on bottom of the skimmer (has 4 of 5)
20240227_120423.jpg 20240227_120505.jpg
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Sep 30, 2023
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If you get no takers, I could offer $400. I am curretly running a regal 200 but its a tight fit in my sump, so this would save me 2", I've been looging for a deal on the Regal 200SSS.

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