ReefingRyans Red Sea Reefer 425XL Build


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Feb 18, 2023
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Council bluffs
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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a post here for motivation to document the process of my build that I plan on starting in the coming weeks.

Some info on the setup so far;

Red Sea Reefer 425XL V3
2x EcoTech MP40s (on current tank)
1x EcoTech Vectra M2 (on current tank)
IM heater (2x300watt)
Ultra marine 180 skimmer
100ish pounds of dry marco rock
3x AI hydra 32HD or 2x Ecotech XR15 G5s (< on current tank) (I plan to sell both sets for Reefi uno 2 pros, reach out if interested in buying)
Top lids lid

Plans for this thread;

Document my aquascape process
Document the matching external cabinet build for the ATO and other random things. Planning on making it with an acrylic or glass front panel for 'aesthetics' and putting a smaller frag tank on it
Document my QT
Document the initial cycle with Aussie/KP/or TBS LR (can't decide on what to go with, so tips or experiences are appreciated)
Document updates as the new tank makes it along.

I have also posted a photo of my current tank which I am struggling with a few things currently (undetectable nitrates, green algae growing on the sandbed, small patch of cyano) that have been throwing me for a loop.

IMG_2890 (1).jpg IMG_2891 (2).jpg
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Feb 14, 2022
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Looks like you're off to a very, very good start indeed! Well done! :cool:

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