Refugium and algae reactor together?

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Dec 17, 2019
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I’m planning out an upgrade from a 75 gallon to a 135 gallon DT, and was given a small sump to add to my existing sump/system that is only designed for a 125 gallon DT, so I’m going to add the small sump and planning a algae reactor to help, does it make sense to have both? A fuge and the reactor? I think there is more benefits to a fuge than just nutrient control.... but from what I’m reading a reactor is just that nutrient control devise... opinions??
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Oct 1, 2017
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Depends on bio load.
Agreed, refugium offers more than just nutrient control. An ats or reactor can reduce more nutrients in less space.
I started my tank with both and took ats off line about 9 months in. Many keep the ats and find there refuge macro fades away and keep it that way.


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Mar 11, 2018
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Mexico, Mo
I started with a fuge early on when I started my 125. I had this great idea that I would add an ATS and eventually convert the fuge into a frag tank of sorts. Well, as my fish grew (especially the tangs), and the bioload grew with them, I found that my heavy in/heavy out approach to nutrient control worked well keeping both going. My fish and corals are really diggin it. I've found that the fuge is a good pod farm (at least mine is), and the ATS (or reactor) is simply a very effective method of nutrient control. It really depends on your bioload and your approach to feeding your fish and corals.

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