Replacment Shaft for a Tunze 6105

Discussion in 'Tunze' started by Drauka99, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I swear I saw it listed before on the Tunze parts but I must not have because I don't see them now.

    I have the drive unit but not a shaft on 2 6105s that I was gifted. I was hoping not to have to buy the complete drive unit. Is there a part number for just the shaft and the the rubber caps (if they are used in this model)

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    There are two types of 6105 and all full size 2nd generation Streams. Those made before Nov 2011 have a removable shaft, this is part 6065.709. Pumps made after this have a fixed shaft that is a permanent part of the motor, if pulled out the motor needs to be replaced, rarely the shaft can be reinstalled but it is not available as a spare part. The older style will have a cross in the bottom, the newer style has a multi rayed sort of star or needle wheel looking bottom. There is a date code on the pump stamped into the side wall of the motor, the hexagonal body under the front cover that has the hole for the propeller. It will be in month/year format, 4 digits.
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