For sale Royal Exclusiv Bubbleking Double Cone 200 with RD3 pump

Lightly used skimmer
or best offer

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Little history behind this skimmer. I bought this from a member here DipG. He got this in 2014 and used till 2018. I bought this in 2018 for my 300 gallon and never set it up. Finally 3 years later I set this up last month. I used it for a month then upgraded to new one.
Check pics, watch video. Skimmer is silent. Yes you might be scared seeing 4 years of service. You might suspect I am lying. Let the condition speak for itself.

It's silent, pulls amazing crud and impeller and block is mint.
I want 600 paypaled. Buyer pays actual shipping. This has better RD3 pump with titanium shaft, bearing impeller etc. The new X pumps are cheaper to buy but skimmer price is still high.

So for less than 600 I will keep it. As the controller and pump can be used other places.
New pump is 654
And new skimmers won't come with this pump.

Only thing missing is stand underneath the pump. I was using egg crate.
And ozone tube. New buyer please buy one.

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