SBB - Mega Live Sale- 3 day event!! 1300 WYSYWG corals!

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Nov 22, 2019
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SBB Quick CLICK link to the website

This is a 3 day event!

VIP Wendesday 9.27 at 2pm EST

Day 1 Live sale
Friday 9/29@12pm EST-2 AMt Est
500 WYSWYG Corals
1 New Coral Link posted every 90 second!

Day 2 Live sale
Saturday 9/30@12pm EST-2 am Est
500 WYSWYG Corals
1 New Coral Link posted every 90 second!

Day 3 Afterparty
Sunday 10/1 @12pm Est-as long as the party goes.
No new corals all leftover corals will be added to the site for pack deals!

SBB Corals Shipping Module- Must buy if under $400
: 55
Sale Price
: 45


Please note you cannot use GIft cards for Auctions

Shipping dates are not Guaranteed and we will text you by 10.11.23 to set up your shipping. 1st ship date is 10.16.23

Shipping is free over $400 and $45 under. We will refund you once you go over $400 for shipping.

$1 and $5 Corals

Please note only 3 $1 and $5 corals total per household. If you Violate this your order will be refunded no exceptions. YOU NEED TO PURCHASE 1 Coral at $35 in Ratio to every $1 and $5 coral. So you need to spent a min of $105 to get the 3 $1 and $5 corals.

You cannot apply Gift card to purchasing the coral to pair with one of the $5 and $1 corals. You need to spend real money to get them

If you Violate this rule your whole order will be refunded

$6 Corals. In order to Get $6corals you need to spend Min of $200 in real money and this does not include shipping, with shipping need to spend $245. THis means you cannot use gift cards and have to Spend real $200 on corals . If you spend $200 then you are eligiable for unlimited $6 corals. $6 corals do not count toward the $200

We will Drop 1300 WYSWYG High End Corals

You can access these corals by clicking link below during the sale!

Click this link to access

The way this sale works is we will Drop all 1300 WYSIWYG .The 1st person to check out wins. We will then discount the remaining corals Sunday 10.1.23 @ 10pmEST. The final price reduction will be Sunday morning . The sales will end when we are sold out. It will be free shipping over $400. We do appreciate your support and if you want to buy multiple corals you can message us for pack deals and we will offer you coupon codes. If you purchase corals during the sale and its total adds up to $400 we will refund any shipping charges. Please message us with any questions, we will be happy to hear from you!

Prizes Games and Gift Cards
Game by Tony Page and codybot over $2500 in GIft cards ( see Game Schedule in Next post)

During this sale we will be offering (1) $100 SBB coral Gift cards and Multiple $25 Gift cards You can enter all Contests by the following: We will give random Gift cards and free coral read below( we will choose winners on Sunday 10.1.23 at or before 5pm est!)

1) Post a picture of a SBB coral in your tank!!!!! ( $100 Gift card)

2)Be the last person to comment on this post for the day and Earn $25 Gift card. ( This Promotion only will run the days of the actual sale which is friday 9.29.23- Saturday night 9.30.23 and sunday 10.1.23 Total 3 gift cards. We will award these card each day for the winner! good luck! I hope you stay up late!!!!

4) We want this thread to be Crazy active and Interactive. So we will be throwing out random prizes such as free frag posts, free random $25, $1, $5 frags. But in order to win these prizes you have to currently be logged into this thread and posting activity. we will pick a winner for the free gift cards anytime we choose. We will tag you as you win so you know.. we will look in the post at random times during the day and who ever had the last post at at that time will win.. this starts now! and will run through the end of the sale .
crazy games this sale starting next tuesday and then running all day through sunday tuesday - friday tony page and then saterdy and sunday codybot teams going to be an insane crazy full week

@PokeFish check the above quoted posts for most of what you need to know for SBB sales. There are also some insider tips and hints that may come up in chatting here and there so it's always a good idea to stay active here (plus it's really a bunch of cool guys and gals).

Time for a Tank Tour! What is your favorite thing to look at in your tank?

  • I have this one fish that I can't get enough of!

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  • I'm captivated by this one coral in my tank.

    Votes: 24 10.2%
  • I have an invert that is so much fun to watch.

    Votes: 22 9.4%
  • I actually have several favorites!

    Votes: 85 36.2%
  • My favorite thing to watch is actually a bit unconventional...

    Votes: 13 5.5%
  • I don't have a favorite thing! I just watch everything!

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