Single scribbled anthias with a single female lyretail anthias

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Jan 31, 2020
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I'm looking for some advice as to whether or not you think this would work successfully. I currently have a female lyretail anthias in qt which is due to be moved to my display in the next few weeks. My last batch of fish will be going in to qt after that. I wonder if the single female lyreatil anthias will get on okay with a single scribbled anthias (Pseudanthias bimaculatus).? Would a male or female work better?

Tank mates for the two are/will be a red head solon fairy wrasse, mccoskers flasher wrasse, royal gramma, b&w snowflake clown, yellow wrasse (halichoeres chrysus) and tomini tang.

Tank size is 90 gallons.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards
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