Steph's Reefer 525XL


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Nov 27, 2017
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First, let's start with the basics.

Tank: Red Sea Reefer 525XL

Flow: Vectra M1 return pump and 2 Nero 5s

Lighting: (Left to right) Hydra 26, Radion xr15 G4pro, Hydra 32, Radion xr15 G4pro, Hydra 26

Sand: a 60%-40% of Carib Sea Aragonite Reef and Bimini Pink Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand - Caribsea

Fish: Melanarus wrasse, red fire fish, purple fire fish, Blue chromis

Corals: Assorted Hammers, Frog and Octospawn, Acan Lord's, Bowerbanki, Elegance, Gold rush favia, Cynarias, Trachyphilia, Plate Coral, Alien pox Cyphastrea, Fire clove polyps, Orange Pavona, Gonioporas, Alveoporas, Indo Gold torch, Red Rainbow BTA.

Now, here's my 3 month adventure from starting up this tank to now...
I got the tank just a couple of days before my birthday. Actually got a tank before this one and ended up trading to get this bad boy! Anyway... I decided I definitely didn't want to see the back wall of the tank. So, after some research, I painted it inside my home using black rustoleum paint with a soft, small roller.

After, I started working on my rock structure outside. I cut up a cardboard box to the width and length of the inner diameter of my tank. That way I can visually see if I had enough space between the rocks and the glass, especially enough space for my glass cleaner to do its job with ease. I used marco rock cement to bond my rock structure (the hubby has a way with art) and supported the rock structure with other rocks not used in the final product. The rock structures were added and then my sand mix.

Keep in mind, the dry sand I used took about 2 whole days to clear up after running tab water through it non-stop the first day. I ran tab water through it, de-chlorinated it, dumped the excess water and let it dry before putting it in the tank. Then I used the bacterial product Dr.Tim's Eco-balance. Remember to add your live sand as instructed!

Next, was the tank transfer. I had a 60G cube before this one and all my fish and corals needed to be transferred over. The way I accomplished this was to match my old tanks parameters with the new tank. That's easy enough..

Lessons learned: Don't add more fish and critters in a small time span without proper equipment installed. I recently installed a UV sterilizer and the Nero 5s. Between the stress from being moved, to adding in new fish, without making sure there's enough oxygen (Low Flow). I lost about 85% of my fish population to ich. I had a maxspect gyre in there but it definitely didn't move the waters surface. Now, I'm well equipped and got brave enough to add the Melanarus Wrasse . Might add 2 Nero 3s later on to get rid of some dead spots. Hope to share more and Happy reefing!

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