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Jan 16, 2018
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@Lou Ekus

I am about to upgrade my 40 breeder to a 150 and am thinking about carbon dosing. The 40 breeder is about 3 years old with a small bit of green on the sand. I plan on switching the rock & going bare bottom at least for the short term.

As I understand it I would use either NP-BACTO PELLETS ( reactor ) or REEF ACTIF to maintain levels as set. I would use one of these two products rather than a refugium, algae reactor, or scrubber. Why would I choose NP-BACTO PELLETS over REEF ACTIF or vice versa?

I would use ELIMI-NP or PLUS-NP to bring phosphate up or down and finally NP-BACTO-BALANCE once the levels are inline

Finally I would use all for-reef to maintain Cal & Alk ... I would use traditional 2 part to balance Cal & Alk as necessary
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