Switching from AF Component 1+2+3+ to FM Balling Light


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Jan 5, 2021
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Hello Fauna Marin,

I have a relatively young system that has been running since Feb 2021. I have a moderate mix of SPS and LPS.
150gal total water volume
Automatic water change nightly of 2 gal between midnight and 8am.
Refugium with Chaeto

SG 1.025
pH 8.1
dKH 9.6
CA 435
MG 1350
Nitrate 5
Phosphate 0.02

I am currently using AquaForest Reef Salt and AquaForest Component 1+2+3+.
Dosing Component 1+2+3+ as follows:
- kH 68ml per day,
- CA 90ml per day
- MG 90ml per day

FM products currently employed on suggested regiment include:
Bacto Balls
Bacto Blend
Coral Dust
AMIN (currently stopped as it caused a cyano outbreak)

I'm considering changing from dosing the AF component system to the FM Balling Light system. I'm not seeing the growth, color, or polyp extension that I would like to see.

Influencing my decision is the ICP test results that I just received highlighting several elements that are low or out of balance. My thought process is that by changing to FM salt and FM Balling Light I may be able to resolve the majority of what is depicted in the ICP results below.


My questions:
- Is my thought process justified?
- How should I go about switching to Balling Light from Component 1+2+3+?
- Are there any other considerations that I have not accounted for?

Thank you,
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