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Aug 17, 2020
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Update on initial intro post.

The tank is now up and running - a bit slowly due to Xmas and Covid Tier 4 - but we've got a couple of clowns in and one yellow tang. It's still in the mid-cycling stage so not really ready yet - refugium isn't up and running yet, plumbed, but just water.

The bar guys have delivered their magic and together with a bulk purchase of your standard bar necessities we're looking pretty good. Just got to wait on the bar stools...





Not the greatest pictures, as all a bit blue and I don't have the controller app login to change the lights at the moment.

The next challenge is how to stock it - it's 2,000 litres, so there's a fair amount to fill. The guys I bought it from and installed it are servicing it and have done the first 'stocking'.

They just asked for a budget for the initial stocking so I suggested £1k and pointed out I had no idea if that was too little or too much. They've given me 12 coral frags - some pretty substantial ones - the clowns and tangs I mentioned earlier and around 5 urchins and some snails, etc. They also provided an amenome - which I'll expand upon.

I'm more than happy with what I've got and the support they've given me, but as a complete marine beginner, I've now no idea whther to double-up with them for the next round, buy specific fish / coral from other websites, or go another way - my wife is very much of the opinion that coral progression is too slow and we need to up the fish contingent...

I suspect that's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string question', so happy for all the input, but one more specific - I also got an anenome in the first round that immediately crawled off the rock - 6 weeks ago - to never be seen again. The guys dropped me off a couple more yesterday sitting on a new piece of live rock, but they have also crawled under the rock and are fast disappearing too. Any thoughts on how to approach amenomes?

Cheers all - happy Xmas to all that's relevant too and thanks for feedback,



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Dec 16, 2017
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I would look at fish you like, then read about the size and how aggressive they are.
As for nems they are going to move to where they like. Flow and light are two factors. Some attach to rock other like sand.

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