The Emperor Of Angels

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Jun 29, 2022
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The fish we know best as the Emperor Angel deserves its name as an icon among all reef associated fish (and among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts). It has only a few names in English, also being called the Imperator Angel, a reference to its scientific name, Pomacanthus imperator. The word “imperator” translates from greek as “one who rules himself” and is often used to describe supreme rulers in ancient history, especially in references to ancient Rome. It is also uncommonly called the Imperial Angelfish, and it's pretty easy to see how that one came about once you understand the origin of the other names. Worldwide, Pomacanthus imperator has several dozen names, most of which translate to something similar to the familiar English common names. Regardless of their somewhat picky wild diet, Imperator Angels are usually easily conditioned to take prepared foods, though some individuals can be food shy initially. Diet variety is very important for all Angelfish and Imperators are no exception; they will need a mix of high-quality foods that include a large proportion of sponge and algal matter. We feed them a variety of chopped, thawed seafood from Gamma Foods, including their vegetarian diet. We also feed them both pellets and shots from Nutramar of the Algae and Color Boost Variety. The most important aspect of keeping healthy angelfish is a complete diet, so don't neglect any aspect of their dietary needs. Click here to learn more


Algae around the edges: Do you need to get rid of every bit of unwanted algae in your tank?

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