1. F

    Rare fish adding

    I have a 200 gallon, 7’ by 26” by 26”, heavily filtered. I already have Hi fin snapper 8” Naso tang Female 9” Magnificent foxface 7” Emperor angel 6” Polleni grouper 5” Blue throat trigger 5” Purple tang 4” Bi color angel 3 Powder blue tang 3” Want to add Achilles tang Male blonde naso tang...
  2. K

    Stocking My 50 Gallon Aquarium, I would like a tang, an angel and a butterfly if possible.

    Hey everyone, I hope all you are doing well. As I said in the title I would love to keep an angelfish, a butterfly and a tang if possible. And I am not planning on getting a bigger tank. My tank is 80W x 42D x 65 cm. Here is the list of the fish that I am interested in getting. Pls note that i...
  3. jacqueline1989

    Dwarf Angelfish and Tangs?

    I have a 125g with 4 clowns, yellow watchman, powder blue tang, and a purple tang. I just added a multicolor angelfish about less than an hour ago and it's getting picked on by both tangs. I've had a dwarf angelfish and tangs together before, but this never happened. I turned on the blue light...
  4. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of the Week: Bali Aquarich Aquacultured Regal Angelfish

    Aquacultured Regal Angelfish is renowned for its vibrant and distinctive coloration. It has a deep, compressed body with yellow and blue stripes. Adult Regal Angelfish can reach a size of about 8 to 10 inches. Regal Angelfish are known to form monogamous pairs for breeding. However, successful...
  5. shawnriv

    Swallowtail Angel laying on sandbed (video)

    Hello All, I’ve had my swallowtail angelfish for about a year now. Very active fish and eats well. I noticed yesterday he was laying on the sandbed in between a bunch of rocks. I was surprised to see he appeared dead. I put fish in the tank and he popped up and began eating. After he ate and...
  6. alexytman

    What killed this angelfish in QT?

    This angelfish was going through QT. I let him eat for 4 days. I notice it pecking but didn't eat that much. Afterwards I ramped up copper over 4 days to therapeutic without any erratic behavior, it was always hiding in the PVC. Later I found it in a arched position with heavy breathing. I did a...
  7. R

    Ohio Passer angelfish 4"

    Gorgeous adult passer angelfish. Eats everything just not getting along with my regal. Been in my tank for 2 years. 4-5" long. Not really looking for trades
  8. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of The Week: Aberrant Regal Angelfish

    We have been bringing in some beautiful and unique Aberrant Angelfish that are truly one of a kind. Aberrant refers to the markings and colors that differ from the “normal” colorations of the species. They are very rarely seen in the aquarium trade and bring a lot of excitement to hobbyists...
  9. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels

    Quality Marine has just added some incredible angels to our WYSIWYG selection! We received some of the Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels- Griffis Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi ) x Goldflake Griffis hybrid Angelfish (A. xanthopunctatus x griffisi) for the first time! In house, we...
  10. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of the Week: Flame Angel

    The Flame Angel is renowned for its striking coloration. Its body is predominantly bright orange to red, resembling the color of flames, hence the name. It has vertical black stripes on its body, with a distinct blue-black mask covering its eyes. The dorsal and anal fins are outlined with...
  11. Nutramar Foods

    Orange Misbar Regal Angel

    The Orange Regal Angelfish is a visually stunning and highly sought-after species in the marine aquarium hobby. It is renowned for its vibrant coloration and graceful appearance. The Orange Misbar Regal Angelfish has an added twist compared to the more common Regal. They received the name due to...
  12. Nutramar Foods

    The Emperor Of Angels

    The fish we know best as the Emperor Angel deserves its name as an icon among all reef associated fish (and among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts). It has only a few names in English, also being called the Imperator Angel, a reference to its scientific name, Pomacanthus imperator. The word...
  13. CoralsAnonymous

    4th of July Clearance Sale - Up to 80% off select corals - Ends July 12!

    We're kicking off 4th of July with our annual clearance sale here at Corals Anonymous - loads of new invertebrates, fish, and euphyllia among many others now available and on sale. Check out our collection by clicking our banner or collage above and follow us on IG for the latest WYSIWYGs and...
  14. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] 4th of July Clearance Sale - Up to 80% off select corals - Ends July 12!

    We're kicking off 4th of July with our annual clearance sale here at Corals Anonymous - loads of new invertebrates, fish, and euphyllia among many others now available and on sale. Check out our collection by clicking our banner or collage above and follow us on IG for the latest WYSIWYGs and...
  15. iReefer12

    Monster Build iReefers 700 Gallon Peninsula

    Well, this has been in the planning envisioning stages for about 10 years now, but it should soon be a reality… I hope I started with a Biocube 29 in 2011, then moved up to a 180 gallon in 2013, moved to Colorado in 2017 and did a slight bump to a 220 gallon tank. Recent 220G FTS: I’m mostly...
  16. Nutramar Foods

    Australian False Personifer Angel

    The False Personifer Angel is highly prized for their beauty and graceful swimming style. Both males and females have striking colors, however, the males have more intricate patterns. Angelfish are omnivorous, meaning they consume a combination of plant matter and small invertebrates. In the...
  17. T

    Eibli/ Red stripped angelfish questions and discussion

    My question is how probable are they to be reef safe. Feel free to talk about your experience and opinions about this angelfish and other dwarf angels.
  18. SCH14

    Missouri Adult Emperor Angel For Sale

    Adult Emperor Angel 4.5-5.5 inches. Selling local first in STL area. Will open to shipping if not sold in a week Price- $179.99
  19. Biota_Marine

    Biota Captive-Bred Potter's Angelfish

    After years of trying to crack the Potter's Angelfish our amazing team in Hawaii and the Oceanic Institute has successfully captive-bred the Potter's Angelfish. I'm incredibly thankful for the support of all of our vendors, hobbyists, and friends around the industry who have made this feat...
  20. A

    Illinois Joculator angelfish

    Selling a joculator angelfish in the Chicago area.
  21. Nutramar Foods

    Aberrant Imperator Angel

    This one-of-a-kind Aberrant Imperator Angel is truly remarkable. Imperator Angels are known for their striking appearance, with a deep blue body and bright yellow stripes and spots on their fins and face, so these unusual markings make this angel even more remarkable. For continued health, we...
  22. TiggerMillions

    Michigan 5" Swallowtail Angel MALE, reef safe, must pick up today

    Fat & healthy & FULLY QUARANTINED. Got this fish 6 months ago to pair with my female. However, it does nothing but chase it around. Prob. My tank is too small(100g), so it has to go... Beautiful fish. One of the few known reef-safe angels, and it's been living with all kinds of corals. It's...
  23. Rams

    New Jersey AdultBlue Line Angel

    Nice size adult for sale.pick up in 08820,NJ. Asking 350$.
  24. Aparker2005

    Arkansas Female Bellus Angel - South Central Arkansas - Pick up/meet

    Selling our female Bellus Angel. Probably 3 inches or so. Very active and healthy. Eats nearly every thing you give her. Just redoing fish plans and she needs a new home asap to get out of our qt system. Asking 190 obo. Located in South Central Arkansas. Local pickup or message for possible...
  25. strangebreu

    New Jersey Swallowtail angel pair

    male and female swallowtail angelfish female is about 4-5" Male is easily 6-8" they are both eating well on frozen mysis, spirulina, etc. dont nip at corals, the female is always swimming around and in the cut, the male is particular shy so getting a pic is a bit hard. had them for...