1. Nutramar Foods

    Aberrant Imperator Angel

    This one-of-a-kind Aberrant Imperator Angel is truly remarkable. Imperator Angels are known for their striking appearance, with a deep blue body and bright yellow stripes and spots on their fins and face, so these unusual markings make this angel even more remarkable. For continued health, we...
  2. TiggerMillions

    Michigan Live Goods 5" Swallowtail Angel MALE, reef safe, must pick up today

    Fat & healthy & FULLY QUARANTINED. Got this fish 6 months ago to pair with my female. However, it does nothing but chase it around. Prob. My tank is too small(100g), so it has to go... Beautiful fish. One of the few known reef-safe angels, and it's been living with all kinds of corals. It's...
  3. Rams

    New Jersey Live Goods AdultBlue Line Angel

    Nice size adult for sale.pick up in 08820,NJ. Asking 350$.
  4. Aparker2005

    Arkansas Live Goods Female Bellus Angel - South Central Arkansas - Pick up/meet

    Selling our female Bellus Angel. Probably 3 inches or so. Very active and healthy. Eats nearly every thing you give her. Just redoing fish plans and she needs a new home asap to get out of our qt system. Asking 190 obo. Located in South Central Arkansas. Local pickup or message for possible...
  5. strangebreu

    New Jersey Live Goods Swallowtail angel pair

    male and female swallowtail angelfish female is about 4-5" Male is easily 6-8" they are both eating well on frozen mysis, spirulina, etc. dont nip at corals, the female is always swimming around and in the cut, the male is particular shy so getting a pic is a bit hard. had them for...
  6. ThePhoReefer

    California Live Goods Male Bellus Angelfish Bay Area

    Male Bellus angelfish available for 200 3-4 inch Pickup Sunnyvale California No shipping available Reef Safe Eats nori sheets, frozen mysis, tdo pellets algae pellets.
  7. bbpros2b

    EMERGENCY Blue Faced Angel with what looks like a bacterial infection

    Hello I really need some professional help with figuring out what is wrong with my Blue Faced Angel? I have a blue faced Angel and a dog face puffer and Hawkfish in quarantine and the Tank came down with Ich a week after purchasing the fish. I am on day 7 treatment at full dose of cupramine and...
  8. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel $300 FREE SHIPPING

    Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel $300 FREE SHIPPING I have (1) Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel for sale. Eats like a champ & very active. I can send video upon request. Free UPS Next Day Air Shipping. $300 obo.
  9. true perculas

    Flame Angel Qt

    Hey guys I just got a 5 year old flame angel from a local reefer taking his tank down. The fish seems to be in perfect health but I still want to put it in a qt tank. What would y’all recommend treating it with? I’ll post some pics later!
  10. Singspot

    New Jersey Live Goods Flagfin angelfish, Tomini Tang, wildfire rainbow BTAs, 6 ft light 2100 gph Powerheads

    I have these in my main display tank for a couple years and I am selling to bring some changes ... 5 inch Flagfin Angelfish: $100 4-5 inch Tommini Tang: $100 2 lights(6 ft), 3 powerheads, wifi unit: $200 Bubble tip Anemones 1 Wildfire 8" fat burnt orange BTA $80 3 Rainbow 5" colorful BTA...
  11. polyppal

    Colorado Live Goods ER Inferno Anemone / WWC Hawaiian Punch Anemones / Japanese Spotbreast Angelfish FS (Local Only)

    Elite Reef Inferno Anemone (Med+, 4in opened) Retail Price: 250 Selling for 120 WWC Hawaiian Punch Anemone (2 Available) (Baby+, 1-1.5in opened) Sorry for crappy pic, they are in a weird spot where I can't get a good shot :( Retail Price: 100 Selling for 60ea Japanese Lyretail Angelfish -...
  12. B

    Selling off tank

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Selling off tank. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  13. mfollen

    Potter’s Angelfish

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Potter’s Angelfish. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  14. Diveks

    1 year old majestic angel started hiding?

    Hello so my majestic angel started hiding after being in the tank for awhile. Nothing new was added to the tank. I think i got him in the DT around 6 months ago? At december i thought he died but i found him under the rocks. This guy used to own the middle part of the tank and is now just...
  15. G

    New Bi-color angel... can't get it to eat

    I recently purchased a bi-color angel around 3 inches for my saltwater tank. I have had him for about a week and he barely eats any of the frozen mysis shrimp that I feed the whole tank. He does eat the seaweed that I attached to clips. Any ideas on how to get him to eat protein? Any help is...
  16. at11ok

    No colored angelfish being aggressive

    So I’ve had a bi colored angel for about 2 months now and it’s been fine other than nipping at my Kenya tree which I didn’t mind too much. Buh today I just put in a coral banded shrimp in and later I came back and I see the bi colored angelfish chasing all of my other gosh around. I don’t know...
  17. at11ok

    My fish is eating my coral!

    I have a bi colored angelfish and it’s been nipping my Kenya tree is there anything I can do?
  18. O

    Selling my 4.5" chrysurus angelfish

    I'm selling my chrysurus angelfish, $350. The fish is super healthy and eats like a pig. Selling him because my regal angel is intimidated by him. I'm located in Teaneck NJ, and can meet halfway.
  19. marisp127

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    I am thinking of adding one of these to my display. Trying to get advice from people who have (or have had) them in their tanks. My two biggest concerns are that a) the angelfish will pick at my corals or b) will be aggressive towards the other fish already in the system (clownfish, lawnmower...
  20. AquariumDomain

    Build Thread 600 gallon DIY Reef Slope Aquarium Build

    I had been using my 600 gallon aquarium to grow out Shaks / Rays / Groupers for my 1800 gallon Predator Bay tank. Now that all the fish are moved over, that leaves the 600 gallon ready to be made into its own thing, a Reef Slope aquarium. Aquarium Specs: - 600 gallon DIY aquarium 72" x 48" x...
  21. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Brand New captive-bred Hybrid Angelfish and Captive-bred Comets

    Alright y'all, We have some crazy angelfish in stock right now. The newest addition to our availability is the Nebula Angelfish or the Xanthotis X Griffis Angelfish Hybrid. These came in looking amazing and no two look the same. These are some of the rarest angelfish in the world since their...
  22. D

    Do I have a Queen or Blue Angelfish? Can’t Tell.

  23. D

    What Large Angelfish Can I Keep in a 150g Tank?

    I have a 150 Gallon Half Hex Tank, not much rock but enough for the fish to hide, no coral and a 40 gallon sump. What Large Angelfish would I be able to keep in my tank?
  24. G

    Help I’m new

    Hello everyone, So I got this lemonpeel angel fish as my second fish. I see some white discoloration on their scale by their belly and bottom of fin. Im not sure if they are sick or thats just them since they also have those white/bluish lining on their faces naturally.
  25. kjkaminski

    Reef Ballet - Chromis and Cherub Angelfish

    These two have been at it for over an hour. Notice how the wrasse acts like a parent and breaks it up every so often. Entertaining.