1. Noob_Sam

    juvenile emperor angelfish QT?????????????????????????

    Hello, I just had a quick question are juvenile emperor angelfish copper safe? if not how should I QT them? I will use Copper Power @ 2.0 for 14 days. I tried to look up answers but there wasn't a yes or no answer. Also will it be ok with a blue tang and a 3 inch coral beauty angelfish? I think...
  2. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive- Bred Gold Flake Angelfish $600

    I only have only two of these captive-bred goldflake angelfish in stock! The gold flake is a beautiful angelfish that does well in mixed reefs and is among some of the better options to be reef safe for angelfish. They're great to add at this 2.5-3" sizing so they can grow into your tank and...
  3. FamilyMan_4

    Cherub Pygmy Angelfish, anyone keeping them?

    I have been trying to narrow down a livestock list for my tank, and another member on here mentioned the Cherub Pygmy Angelfish. I did some reading on them, and most livestock sites mention that 'It may nip at large-polyped stony corals and clam mantles' This seems to be almost the same copy and...
  4. Sawyer Breslow

    Fish Stocking - 65gal, 3ft length

    Hi all, I’ve been running my tank for about a year and a half. just looking for some opinions and experience on fish stocking. I’m deciding on what fish to add to my 65 gal mixed reef tank. My current stock includes in order of introduction to the tank: 1. Fire goby 2. 2 false perc Clowns 3...
  5. Queen Angelfish

    Queen Angelfish

    Available now from Triton Marine Aquaculture for $199.99
  6. QuarantinedCorals

    Lamarcks angelfish chasing leopard wrasse

    Hi guys hope you’re all doing well. I’m noticing my lamarcks angelfish chasing my leopard wrasse, it’s not a constant issue and it’s also not hurting my leopard wrasse. My lamarcks angel seems to chase my leopard wrasse when he gets near her, I’ve had my leopard wrasse for over a year and I know...
  7. frankiereef

    Maryland XL Koran Angelfish

    Almost 10” XL beautiful Koran Angelfish. No reef coral issue at all. Asking $300 OBO.
  8. frankiereef

    Maryland Willing to trade XL Koran Angelfish

    Willing to trade my XL 10” Koran Angelfish for two medium size fish (Tang, Copperband Butterfly, Anthias). This fish is in a reef tank. No issue with my corals at all.
  9. Beezwax404

    Cherub Angel dead this morning

    I bought a cherub angel 6 days ago to add to my BC29 with a ocellaris and a royal gramma. The angel chased my giant gramma out of his caves and took over the rock work abd was stressing the gramma out. So two nights ago i rescaped the aquarium and since i did that the gramma was flasging and...
  10. Wrangy

    Build Thread Wrangy's Reef Dungeon (Waterbox 170)

    Welp, as some may know I've been reefing since about 2012. I started out with a 2ft cube that I loved and then moved out and in with my partner 4 years ago and took the opportunity to upgrade to a larger system. That tank went well for the first couple years but then after several major issues...
  11. spycat500

    Flame Angelfish

    I am working on getting a 125 gallon reef tank, but I was told that flame angels will eat the coral. I decided to stay away from it even though it is my favorite fish. Since I really want one, would it be possible to keep it by itself in a 20 gallon I have set up. Or does it need bigger? I was...
  12. InCodWeTrust

    Angelfish With A Cloudy Eye

    I just recently noticed that my angelfish has developed a cloudy/swollen eye on his right side. I mostly think it was an injury from my Lawnmower Blenny but it can also be a bacterial infection. Should I treat this or let nature take its course and keep a close eye on him?
  13. InCodWeTrust

    Feeding Nori to Angelfish

    I have a rusty angelfish and I was wondering how to feed him nori. The reason I am asking this is because my live rock is covered in coralline algae and I’m worried that the angelfish can’t consume the coralline algae and starve. Please share how you manage to feed nori or any algae foods to...
  14. LAReefer4Life

    Build Thread 625XL Reefer Build

    My story begins approx. 15 years ago with me cruising down the fish isle at Petco and stumbled upon an Australian Harlequin Tusk-fish. With not knowing anything about the hobby, I still purchased him along with a 20 gallon fish tank, heater, and filter. After conducting more research on the...
  15. Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels, Part 1

    Intermediate Topic Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels, Part 1

    Part 1: Genicanthus Angel Overview Genicanthus is a genus of marine angelfish that belongs to the family Pomacanthidae. Pomacanthidae contains many of the iconic and most beautiful fish kept in marine and reef aquariums, like Emperor Angelfish, Regal Angelfish, Blueface angelfish, Queen...
  16. AquaLocker

    26 Species of Angelfish in Stock (Dwarf & Large)

    Coupon Code: BLKFRI10 $99 - $149 = 10% OFF $149 - $199 = $15% OFF $199 - $249 = 20% OFF $249+ = 20% OFF and Saturday Shipping for 1 cent Shop Large Angels: Shop Dwarf Angels:
  17. Pacific Island Aquatics

    Livestock True Personifier Juveniles $700

    Hey everyone we have true personifer angels through quarantine and going up for sale. These are about 3 inches and eating frozen, flakes and pellets. We are asking $699 shipped. Let us know if you would like to add one of these beauties to your collection by calling or texting 541-740-3046, or...
  18. MarineDepot

    Fadi's 180 gallon Acropora and Angelfish PARADISE!

    Fadi's 180 gallon Acropora and Angelfish PARADISE! Join us for another awesome tank tour! Watch more Featured Tanks!
  19. Harse Designs

    BlueFace Angel

    Like, share and subscribe :)
  20. Nezmo

    Twinspot Wrasse? I don't think so...South Pacific amazing transformations

    I saw a picture of a juvenile Twinspot Wrasse many years ago, and for a while, I was obsessed with getting one. I never understood why they were so hard to find in the trade. After seeing them on the reef, and observing their transformations I can say that it's best to leave these striking...
  21. J

    Trouble keeping angels

    hey there, is it just me or does anyone else have trouble keeing angels alive? I got 3 dwarfs for my 75g lagoon but they keep dying after 2 or 3 months even though they are healthy and eating like pigs! Literally they are gk aggressive when feeding they even chase my tang away. But after a few...
  22. Snake132

    Anglerfish possible murderer ?

    Hi , just wanting some input from anyone who has experience owning or who knows about this type of angelfish ? (Heralds angelfish) So I think my angelfish is killing my skunk shrimp .... the cleaner shrimp have been in the tank for two months with no issues both of the shrimp suddenly died 2...
  23. goatcorals

    Emperor Angel—What’s on the menu

    Got a large changling Emperor. It’s eating mysis, brine, Larry’s, and nori, and it’s in QT. Had one before that didn’t touch anything, but I think I was lucky. Planning on a reef home 180. No acans or zoanthids. I understand is hit or miss, but thoughts as to high to low probability of it...
  24. AquaNerd

    Angelfish in reef tanks?

    Please welcome Daniel David to AquaNerd! This is his 1st official article and we are excited to have him as a writer. Angels in reef tanks? Yes – but be selective
  25. Aaron-A2

    Lamarck Angelfish Care?

    My LFS has had 2 Lamarck Angels at their store for over 2 years. They are beautiful, have amazing personalities, and I'm hoping they're still there when my tank is up and running. That said, I had a few questions for those that have kept them: LiveAquaria says they are reef safe: Is this true...