Transitioning from ZeoVit to Refugium



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Mar 27, 2019
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The time has come that I am stopping my ZeoVit method experiment on my 200gal... I've run it for about 18 months and just haven't had the results I was looking for... I can never seem to balance nutrients and corals go in and out from pale to dull with the occasional coral having nice colors... I think it's largely due to the fact I have NO idea what's in each bottle and I'm largely playing a guessing game.

Anyway, I want to switch over to a refugium-based method of excess nutrient removal... I am thinking that I will slowly reduce the carbon dosing (ZeoStart) by 50% a week and add a small ball of chaeto, with the refugium light running for about 6 hours to start. As I reduce the carbon dose further, I will crank up the lighting time, monitoring Po4 and No3 weekly... Does this seem like a viable option?

I don't want to crash my system as all of the SPS are alive, just not as colorful as I'd hoped for... I have done around 7-10 ICPs in the 18 months with everything coming back within range, minus Po4 and No3 running super low... I've been doing the lowest dose for the ZeoStart for 4 months now, and nutrients are still virtually undetectable... I feed the HELL out of the tank and run aminos etc. at higher-than-normal levels (at least in my opinion).

Thank you very much!
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