Triton Core without Fuge/Chaeto

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    So, I'm running Triton method on my 150 SPS tank. I'm using the "core" now, since starting my tank in March, Chaeto had been growing very well! Nutrients low, no issues. Add some fish and some SPS and now I have a Diatom outbreak. My chaeto has slowed down BIG time to almost no growth. My SPS are doing ok...I started a thread here:

    I'm wonder if the triton core method doesn't have enough trace metals to keep the chaeto happy and growing.

    My question is can I run the "core" triton elements without Chaeto and a fuge? Or will this lead to a toxic level of certain trace elements since chaeto isn't using them up? Or do I need to run "other method"?. I have probably half a bottle of each core element left and would like to use them up.

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    I know that the core7 has more iron in it too feed the refuguim theres probably also other elevated trace elements too running it over longer periods could result in certain elevated trace elements ....I personally dont run a fuge but I use other methods instead ....I have by mistake, once been given the wrong set which was the core7 and run it on my system ...without problems...but that was one set which lasted me just short of 2 months ...
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    I wonder if it can be used with polyfilter pads to remove the excess that the fuge should be using up.
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