TruVu 240 gallon acrylic aquarium


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Mar 30, 2018
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TruVu 240 gallon acrylic aquarium(96""x24") reef ready. It's in decent shape held water when last taken down around 8 months ago. Stored inside. Has minor scratching, most not being noticeable when filled. Previous owner cut holes where overflows are which do not affect the tank. Have brand new bulkheads for it and the overflow plumbing. Comes with BNIB acrylic scratch remover kit which I never got around to doing. There is a stand that is dissembled that you are welcome to but needs some TLC. -$450 obo Pickup in Tupper Lake,

IMG_20210525_062500.jpg IMG_20210525_061206.jpg IMG_20210525_062224.jpg IMG_20210525_062104.jpg IMG_20210525_062113.jpg IMG_20210525_062128.jpg IMG_20210525_062142.jpg IMG_20210525_062240.jpg IMG_20210525_062250.jpg IMG_20210525_062334.jpg
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