trying triton a second time, help with mistakes

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    hi guys.

    first post, this place seems to be best for triton knowledge.

    my tank is a aquaone mini reef180

    180l inc sump. add the rock etc i estimate around 150l volume.

    the tanks a yr old, setup on nopox and waterchanges.

    the rock is caribsea life rock, in the sump i have various medias,

    seachem matrix
    marine pure
    continuum denitryx

    at the 6months stage water changes were no longer satisfying the alk usage, as i had a fuge triton made sense.

    at the time the fuge was lit with a shark a80 led which grew lots of cyano.

    i binned the fuge and went others method

    my once happy tank of 5ppmn03 sat near 50ppm

    im not at the stage were there back down to 25 with wc and no dosing of any kind

    this time i have a 125w cfl light for the fuge. its 45l approx and my turn over is 10times plus.

    do i stick to others method and use ot as a normal fuge or go back to full core7

    cheers jake

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