For sale Two Maxspect XF350 Gyre Flow Pump (Pump Only) with WaveEngine Adapters

$125.00 to $210.00
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Two forsale they are brand new never touched water. I did open them up to put the Wave Engine direct drive cables in the box. One pump was removed from the box but never touched water or was turned on. They were just to long for me to actually use in the system I bought them for. My overflow ended up being wider than what it was supposed to be so I had to buy two shorter units.

Price 125.00 shipped each shipped.

210.00 for both shipped.

Prices above include the WE adapters if you need them.

No international shipping. Only continental USA.
No Puerto Rico or Hawaii.
Paypal only, cash if you pick up local.



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Jun 7, 2007
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What are you replacing these with on your tank?

The tank is new. I temporarily put some IceCap 2k I had laying around. I did buy some 3d printed flow directors but I am not sure they have the power I need.
I did take some older Gyres off my 120 I may put in if they fit. The 120 was taken down.
It is a lagoon aquarium and is only 14" deep with a sand bed. The tank still is rather large at 3'x4'. I like the idea of flow directors for shallow tanks because you can shoot the water across the top. They can be mounted closer to the surface with flow directors and not suck air. It is also peninsula aquarium so I need something that can put decent flow on the other side because I want no pumps on the other side. These would have been great but they were like a 1" to long unless I mounted them on a angle.
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