Two sand sifting gobies in a 150g 5x2x2?

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Jul 5, 2018
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Hi all,

I have a 150g 5x2x2 with a sandbed that I'd like to keep a little cleaner than it is. I have a small/newish Diamond Watchman Goby that right now hides in his house in a corner of the tank and doesn't do much. I was considering adding another goby to help out. It seems to be that gobies are territorial and can't be in the same tank? But I wondered with a tank this size if anyone has had luck with 2 different species of goby?

I was considering adding a:
- Sleeper Blue Dot Goby
- Tiger Watchman
- Sleeper Banded

I'm also open to recommendations.



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Oct 3, 2015
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Hey! I have a 120g 4x2x2 and my Diamond Watchman Goby takes care of the whole tank. This guy is a massive sand mover but it did take about 3 weeks for him to get comfortable. I am not sure how long you've had yours but if you just got it, maybe give it some time?

I don't have another goby but I do have a Blue Dot Jawfish (close cousins?) in the same tank. They stay on opposite sides but the Goby has been sifting sand by the Jawfishes cave. Not much action. Just a bunch of wide mouths from the Jawfish as the Goby goes about his business.

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Jan 29, 2021
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Oconomowoc, WI
You should be totally fine, I literally have 2 yellow watchman and a diamond goby all in a 32 gallon tank without issue!! The diamond does the most sand sifting by far, the yellows hang out together most of the time. Now to be clear, I only ended up with all three because 2 of them jumped into my rear filtration area and I had no idea that was a thing. I couldn't figure out why they were disappearing and blamed my peppermint shrimp and/or my BTA. Turns out they literally jumped into my pump/refugium back area. I had looked in my filtration area several times and could not find them, eventually I pulled my pump out to add a UV unit and there they were hanging out together under the pump next to my my refugium. I felt terrible, but did add them back to the front (and got a guard so they cant jump back there again) and everyone has gotten along great for a long time now, and my sandbed is always perfect!
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