Upgrading from two to three Radion G5 XR15 Pro fixtures


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Jul 31, 2019
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Zug, Switzerland
Hey guys,
Last year I bought two XR15 Pro fixtures and I'm really happy with them.
My Acros on the top are starting to shadow themselves and so I ordered another fixture.

Tank: RedSea Reefer 425XL (Mixed-reef)
Currently running the two fixtures at 90% intensity. (and the fans sometimes do get noisy)

Once I install my third fixture, should I start all three at 60% intensity and go up from there to maybe 80%?
I'm kinda trying to linearly scale the par values from the BRS data sheets for 2 / 4 fixtures.
At 80% I should be in the 300 par at the top half and under 200 par bottom half? Does that sound reasonable?

I just don't want to shock my acros (top half) and my LPS (bottom half).

Thanks for the replies!

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