Venustus Angelfish Successfully Captive Bred by Bali Aquarich

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    Bali Aquarich is firing on all cylinders with the second announcement of a new captive breeding breakthrough in about as many weeks. Fresh off the heels of the world’s first captive bred purple tangs – only the second Zebrasoma to be cultured, and the world’s first breeding of regal angelfish – a completely new genus […]

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    Hi @Jake Adams , great news, I have difficulty keeping up with all these new additions. It's fantastic to see the growth in Captive Breeding of Marine Ornamentals. We have the captive bred Z. xanthurum available in Europe now, very limited though, De Jong have two and TMC have two.

    Don't want to give away the trade price but going by previous trends , I would expect to see them retail around the £250 mark.

    Would love to get my hands on some to support Captive Breeding, I even sell below mark just to get people buying CB.

    This is a my photo of the Captive Bred Z. flavescens acquired for my store from De Jong. First CB yellow Tangs for sale in Europe. Sold all three within 24 hours, £140 each. Had the pleasure (pressure) of watching them condition up in my store for two weeks awaiting collection for their new homes.

    Captive Bred Yellow tang May 2019.jpg
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