What kind of dip is best for coral losing tissue?

nano reef

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Dec 9, 2019
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I have a pectinia in one tank and a blasto in another. The blasto is new and not sure why it isnt doin well when the other new additions in tank are fine. The pectinia has fallen to many times! Last time took a toll and 1/3 tissue has came off. I am going to glue soon (long story)

I have never had any luck with coral dips when corals are losing tissue. I have Lugols and brightwells medicoral and also coral md? Seems to irritate them and make them worse. pectina has been in my tank a good while and I think he maybe ok and bounce back but The blasto different story!

I also had another question. Arent you suppose to move corals to lower light if they are losing tissue?

Appreciate any advice

Mr. Mojo Rising

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Feb 14, 2021
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I would suggest to add more details about the tank, let’s figure out why isn’t it doing well? A coral dip can sometimes help, but it can also stress the coral to death if it’s already struggling.

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