When Is A Pyle Not A Pyle? When It's A Latigo (of course)

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Jun 29, 2022
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Cirrhilabrus is a genus of wrasses that contains dozens of species, nearly all of which are gorgeous, reef safe fish that are small in stature, and peaceful with tankmates. The sheer volume of the species available to the home aquarist can be daunting, and with some of them, there is substantial overlap, either in appearance, or range, habitat or all three! Sometimes, you get Cirrhilabrus wrasses that have striking similarities in appearance but come from different locations or habitats. Such is the case with the Latigo Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus briangreenei.) This is a fish that looks a bit like a Pyle's Wrasse also frequently called the Blue Margined Fairy (Cirrhilibrus pylei) crossed with a Lineatus Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lineatus). The Latigo wrasse also bears passing similarities to the Rhomboid Fairy wrasse. While these are all deepwater reef fish, the Latigo Wrasse comes from the Philippines, a location that the Pyle's Wrasse is conspicuously missing from. They are very active and will need at least two feedings a day. Initially, they may hide through mealtimes as they don't like the commotion of it. They usually adjust pretty quickly, and in house, we have no problems getting them to eat. In house, they get fed twice a day, and get a mix of thawed, appropriately sized meaty foods from Gamma Foods, like chopped prawn, mysis, and loaded brine, as well as the sinking 1.7mm Nutramar Marine Complete Pellets. These are well accepted by the Latigo Fairies, and we have excellent results feeding them. Click here to learn more


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