fairy wrasse

  1. TwistyTale

    Fairy Wrasse Acting oddly

    My new Fairy wrasse is swimming on his side and not moving much. He had bubbles and mucus coming out of his gills earlier today but that stopped and he had a long white poo. I don't know if he has parasites or a spinal injury or if this is normal. He's my first wrasse. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. D

    What kind of fairy wrasse do I have?

  3. Scooters Reef

    EMERGENCY Fish disease ID Fairy wrasse infected DT with unknown now Midas Blenny showing symptoms

    On August 8th two new fish were added to my display. Purchased from one of two places I have bought livestock. Wasn’t until after problems started and calling the store for more information and help. That I realized they keep all fish in Sub therapeutic copper. After they have been through QT in...
  4. marisp127

    Wrasse question…

    Looking into purchasing a Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse but want to know if it is better to buy an initial phase or a terminal phase male? I know the initial phase will eventually reach the terminal phase but some threads suggest that he will not develop as vibrant coloration if transitioning as a...
  5. L

    How many wrasse possible in a 50 gallon

    How many wrasses are possible in a 50 gallon cube? The wrasses I’m looking at: Naokoe wrasse Social fairy wrasse Lubbock wrasse African exquisite wrasse Carpenter wrasse Lined flasher Yellow coris Irdris wrasse Earmuff wrasse Possum wrasse Leopard wrasse Which ones can go in a 50 gallon...
  6. Squeven

    EMERGENCY Tri-color Fairy Wrasse Very Lethargic

    My fairy wrasse (Wanda) was acting normal for the first couple of weeks out of quarantine. This morning she was laying on her side, but breathing normally. After leaving the house for a few hours, I came home to her upside down, but still breathing. There so signs of disease or wounds, other...
  7. El_Guapo13

    Male or female?

    Need help determining whether or not this Red Finned Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubripinnis) is a male or female. I got as many pics as I could, but it's a wrasse. It moves. Fast. So several came out blurry even though it looked fine as I snapped the phone. These are the best ones I had. I...
  8. J

    Lubbock’s Fairy Wrasse Won’t Leave The Rocks

    We have a 30 Gallon Tank, with 2.5 inch sand bed and many stacked rocks. 4 Turbo snails, 3 sand snails, 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 clown fish, 1 cardinal, 1 bullet goby, 1 skunk shrimp, 1 porcelain crab, and 1 emerald crab. Everyone’s been doing very well, very happy, no water problems at all I...
  9. Jimmyneptune

    Lineatus fairy wrasse not eating

    I have a Lineatus wrasse that I just got from LA which is not eating and hiding in acclimation box. I have two sections of PVC zip tied together in acclimation box for him to hide in and that is all he does is hide. He will move from one section of PVC to the other but never when I am in the...
  10. Schnizzle

    Leopard and Fairy Wrasses

    I've been offered a nice looking Leopard Wrasse and while I was planning on only having Fairy Wrasses this grabbed my interest. I would try researching more on my own but this is probably going to pass quickly. Am I asking for trouble when I have a male c. solorensis and male c. lubboki...
  11. Schnizzle

    Super thin c. brunneus

    I somehow overlooked how thin this guy was at the store due to my excitement of finding him. Got home and put him in the acclimation bucket and was shocked. I’m not calling him emaciated because he does move as much as expected considering I just got him. Trust me when I say beyond his head is...
  12. AquaLocker

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  13. AquaLocker

    FLASH SALE! Male Tricolor Fairy Wrasse for Only $27.99!

    Get Yours Here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe/tricolor-fairy-wrasse-cirrhilabrus-lubbocki/
  14. 1

    Safe to keep more than one Exquisite Fairy Wrasse?

    I currently have an exquisite fairy wrasse from Africa but was wondering if I can add another one from a different region, i.e. Vanuatu. The tank is 6ft long and is 125gals. I have heard of aggression issues but I absolutely love the color/beauty of exquisite wrasses. Anyone have any experience...
  15. LB Dantzler

    Help picking out new fish

    My wife and I have a 55 gallon fish only tank. So far we have a pair of clowns, a blue spotted puffer, and a pair of cardinals. We had a flame angel but she started going after one of the cardinals so we took her back. Now were in the market for another fish or two to complete our tank. With...
  16. All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    Introduction My name is Hunter and I am a wrasse addict. Admitting such is the first step to buying another wrasse, I think. Wrasses are not only my passion, but my niche in this hobby since 2010. My tank is full of them, and unfortunately “regular” species are no longer exciting enough for...
  17. 'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    It is something I read often: “Where can I buy a female for my male ____ wrasse?” Or: “I want to buy another ____ wrasse and pair them up!” Wait! Time out for a minute! First, we really need some understanding of how wrasses interact and live in their natural environment. In the ocean, most...
  18. Cirrhilabrus Complexes: Inferiority Need Not Apply

    Cirrhilabrus Complexes: Inferiority Need Not Apply

    This article is obsolete. It has been replaced by the 1st revision. Cirrhilabrus, the “Fairy Wrasses”, are one of the most elegant, active, and colorful reef fish. Their appeal in a reef tank is common to many, but not all have a well-rounded understanding of the compatibility amongst them...