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Whole Build: 220 Looking to Sell

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Jan 21, 2018
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I have a custom 220 with a stand, sump, display refugium that I would like to sell quickly. I built it about 3 years ago, and was since diagnosed with cancer. I made it out the other side but I've been too sick & exhausted to take care of the tank. There is quite a bit of cyanobacteria but otherwise it's been doing fine for the last 3 years.

North Alabama, The tank is 240 gallons on a 4-ft very sturdy stand. It has a small three chamber sump with a lifereef skimmer (don't remember what type, it was ~$800. It has a 20 gallon display fuge & a leopard l90 return pump. Livestock:
2 clown fish, 1 orchid blenny, a flame angel, a mono, & a ~7 inch blue tang & a few other small fish. Lighting is a Kessel A360-e on one of these: 61" Hybrid T5HO 4x80W Fixture.

I would like to sell them all together. The tank is still up and running.

20220923_121655.jpg 20220923_121658.jpg
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