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Nov 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida

Awesome video just released from Richard at Afishionado Channel
"Wait was finally over last weekend when the World Wide Corals, Inc. 's new super store finally opened it's door to the public. Highly anticipated super store was covered by me few months ago and I have to say that after seeing it in it's full glory, it certainly has raised the bar/standards of local fish stores for me going forward. How so? Starting from dry good/ shelf displays, open floor designs, merchandising, livestock displays/farming/propagation stations and overall look and feel of the store was outstanding. (Have you seen the wrapped water containers? Little and subtle things, that makes a difference to the eyes of the consumers and it's something that guys at WWC is extremely good at) What I was most impressed was people that works there. These folks are not your high school kids or minimum wage workers. They are all carefully selected individuals who has been around the hobby for a long time with good amount of knowledge and passion for the hobby. Enough of me babbling. Here is Part 1 of 2 video of last weekend. Recap of World Wide Corals' grand opening! Enjoy! Huge thanks to Tommy Babiarz for some of the best b-rolls in the industry. "-Richard at Afishionado Channel

Have you ever had an algae outbreak so bad that you had to break the tank down and start over?

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