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WYSIWYG Poletti Jawbreaker Colony 17 Polyps, $750 Shipped OBO

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Oct 27, 2020
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Good evening everyone,

With reluctance, I'm offering up this awesome Jawbreaker colony. It's simply taking up too much space in my designated Jawbreaker grow out section of my frag tank, and the mother polyp is firmly attached to all of the rubble that the off spring are on. I'd rather not dissect it up, as it's really nice as it is and I have plenty of other Jawbreakers currently. Anyway, the asking price is $750 shipped, and there are 17 polyps that I could count (likely more underneath some of the larger polyps). The main polyp is nearly 3" and as you can see, already has red and is starting to show some green as well. Most of the other polyps are the size of a quarter, down to slightly smaller than a dime. At less than $45 per polyp, I feel I've set a fair price on this one.

I'm also open to potential trades. I'm always up for higher end zoas and a few specific acros to "complete" my collection. I'd be interested in a JF home wrecker, JF solar flare (or ASD rainbow milli, they look the same to me), a legit ORA pearl berry, and there's likely a few others I would like that escape my memory right now. Let me know what you have! I'd also be interested in OG Bounce or other nice mushrooms. I'm not really into torches and other euphyllia, I'm sorry.

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!!




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