zebra eel bicolor dottyback compatibility

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    In my 40 gallon peaceful community tank we have a bicolor dottyback who did not get the memo that he was living in a peaceful community tank. He is aggressive towards the six line wrasse, as well as the lawnmower blenny and has recently been showing interest in the pair of fire shrimp. My 9 year old son just got a 90 gallon tank for his birthday that is just starting to cycle. He plans on doing an aggressive reef with a zebra eel and bluethroat trigger as the main fish he is looking forward to getting (I know that 90 is a little on the small side for these two fish, and we know that eventually we may have to move them to a larger tank but I believe that they will be bought small and we should have a long time to enjoy them before having to cross that bridge, and I have read about many people keeping those fish in tanks of this size).

    Anyways will this bicolor dottyback be ok with the eel. I have read that zebras are very docile and generally fish safe but I still was interested in a little more info. The dottyback has to stay in the family as it is one of my wifes favorite but I need to get it into another tank.


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