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Jul 1, 2014
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Santa ana, CA
Corals for sale. Below are the prices for each item. Discount on multiples. If it is PP, I will most likely have to make the frag. Stuff that is sold in as per frag I have frags ready to go. I did the best with pictures, so please do not ask for additional pics, google the zoa, it looks like the one on google images. Shipping will be a flat rate of 50 unless you buy over 350, then it's free. Standard DOA policy applies. LMK if you have any questions.

Nightmares-$25 per polyp
Jf Jungle juice- $10 per polyp, 10 plus frag-$75
JF Rainbow rhinos-$30 per polyp
JF Acid reflux-$25 per polyp
Wwc Pink krak-$10 per polyp
Queen strats $50 per polyp
Punk rocker zoas 5-10 polyps-$30-40
Utter chaos- whole frag 10-15 polyps-$40-50
Hawaiian ding dang zoa-$5-10 per plug- $40-50
Kh sunburst-$10 per polyp
Rainbow incinerators-$10 per polyp
CB Rainbow infusion-$15 per polyp 4 polyp plus frag-$50
Butt kissers-$40 per polyp
Bob marleys frag plug 10 plus polyps-$40
Red death-$10 per polyps
Sponge bobs, frag plus 5-10 plus polyps-$30-40
CB avengers- $20 per polyp
Armor of gods- 10 plus frag plug-$40-50
Scrabbled eggs-10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Goblins fire 10-15 plus frag plug-$40-50
Psychosis-$25 per polyp
Vw bloodshots-10 plus frag plug-$40-50
Fairy dust-10 plus frag plug-$20-30 per
Mandarin orange-$10 per polyps
Salted agave-$25 per polyp
My clementine- $10 per polyp
White zombie-$50 per polyp
Spite fire- 5 plus $20 per frag plug
Wwc Pandora’s-5 plus per plug-$20-30
Red people eaters- 10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Speckled kraks-$70 per polyp
Nuclear green zoas-10 plus per plug-$25-40
Sunny ds 5-10 per plus frag plug-$30-40
Pink zipper-10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Pink hippos-$20 per polyp
Space monsters-$10 per polyp
Gb Nirvana- mini colonies 20 plus per frag-$50
Red hornets-5-10plus per plug-$20-30
Pink elephants-5-10 per plug-$30-40
Watermelon zoas-10 plus per plug-$20
Beauty and the beast-$25 per polyp
Tubs blue-10 plus frag plug-$20-30
King Midas zoas-$10 per polyp
Grandis play green-$10 per polyp
Bam bam -5-10 plus frag plug-$20-25
Blue kiss-$40 per polyp
Gold cloves-$20-30 per frag
Papaya clones-$20-30 per frag
Sunkist mushroom, quarter size-$120
Florida ricordia-$20-25 per polyp
Rainbow cyphastrea-$40-50 per frag
Forest fire digita-$10-20
Grafted monti-$30
Rra tropical punch frags-$20-30
UC mega chrome monti-$30-40 per frag
Rainbow Cyphastrea-$30-40
Red Blastos- $15 per head
Purple blasto-$10 per head
Blasto colony- $120
Bicolor hammer-$60 per head
Crocea clam measures 1.5"-$75
Purple tenticle with green tip torch-$50 per head
Rainbow stylo-$20
Tubs stellta-$10-20

ding dang.JPG goblins.JPG IMG_7887.JPG IMG_8087.JPG IMG_8088.JPG IMG_8092.JPG IMG_8093.JPG IMG_8094.JPG IMG_8095.JPG IMG_8224.JPG IMG_8225.JPG IMG_8226.JPG IMG_8227.JPG IMG_8230.JPG IMG_8233.JPG IMG_8234.JPG IMG_8236.JPG IMG_8238.JPG IMG_8239.JPG IMG_8240.JPG IMG_8241.JPG IMG_8242.JPG IMG_8243.JPG IMG_8245.JPG IMG_8248.JPG IMG_8249.JPG IMG_8256.JPG IMG_8257.JPG IMG_8258.JPG IMG_8259.JPG pandoras.JPG pink hippos.JPG salted agave colony.JPG space monsters.JPG tubs blue.JPG white zombie.JPG 00000_aAaajUf18Jl_600x450.jpg 00O0O_aFdpTWwvk3S_600x450.jpg 00o0o_ek0Hiu7cjsh_600x450.jpg 00o0o_j1mdYf0BXjX_600x450.jpg 00r0r_8ZwmWNGQnSc_600x450.jpg 00W0W_1kpEy1j75id_600x450.jpg 00909_fY9VASZGRoA_600x450.jpg IMG_0922.jpeg IMG_1004.jpeg IMG_1234.jpeg IMG_1493.jpeg IMG_8337.JPG IMG_8338.JPG ricordia.JPG tropical thunder.JPG IMG_8378.JPG IMG_8382.JPG IMG_8383.JPG IMG_8386.JPG IMG_8388.JPG IMG_8389.JPG IMG_8391.JPG IMG_8394.JPG IMG_8395.JPG

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