Zoas, chalices, some sps and pectina


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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
I currently have a post up in the sales forum so you can see what's available zoa-wise. Happy to grab pics of other things. I realize there's some high ends or rare things on this list but hey, its a catch all list. Not opening the wallet is a win-win for everybody. If you're a vendor we can swing something there too as I have a bunch of 'store ready' pieces.

Experienced shipper and I've swapped a number of times with non-locals and its always gone well.

If local I'm interested in sps (doesn't have to be high end but looking for some of this and that). Also open to euphyllia, zoas, chalices, shroom- pretty much just give me a list and I'll take a look.


Some specific things:
ultimate chaos (know they're still out there, this is my current unicorn).
oregon tort
cali tort
terria del fuego
holy grail
vino monti
alter ego
undata monti
any aussie montis
jelly bean chalice
red dragon acro
hammers (have a few varities, open to whatever)
gonis (have 6-7 types but always open to more, looking for a nice red one)
pectina (have 5-6 types, but always looking for more)
any interesting blastos or acans

As for zoas, I have something like 250-300 strains. at this point there's a handful of sbb ones I didn't bother getting due to a move last year. That being said I love no namers and gems that fly just below the radar.
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