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  1. M

    Parasite ID

    Caught this little Hawaiian sailfin tang a few days ago. Can anyone help me identify this parasite on its tail? I’ve never seen one of these types of parasites before. Gave him a freshwater dip but no effect. #reefsquad
  2. dvgyfresh

    Torch lost all its tentacles. Could they regrow?

    #reefsquad Can’t say I’ve seen that before but if there’s stil flesh it has a chance of regrowing
  3. TK_KW

    Build Thread Tyler's 220 gallon in wall build thread!

    ...sure I've forgotten a bunch out. But this time around so much has changed. Now if this new system can hurry up and mature. And get passed my minor issues right now that I have, that would be great :). Some photos under Sky "photo mode" and then under blues at night. #reefsquad...
  4. chipchipmofo

    New Gold Torch Completly closed up

    #reefsquad is maybe able to help you on this one..
  5. EakTheFreak

    Problem with new torch corals!?

    #reefsquad any ideas? When I should move these corals off the rack?
  6. Eagle_Steve

    Orange flecks

    They look like flatworms. Not sure of the type, but #reefsquad should be able to ID.
  7. Daniel@R2R

    Build Thread RummynoseToReef's 1st Reef Tank

    Awesome! Excited to see this get going!! The #reefsquad folks are awesome and very helpful with questions!
  8. fishguy242

    My Orchid dottyback needs help’

    hi,does not look good, do a water change, use that water to start qt, best wishes. is it being picked on? how do other fish look? water parameters? these are questions the experts will be looking for. @Jay Hemdal @vetteguy53081 #reefsquad
  9. IslandLifeReef

    Might be something, might be nothing

    I'm not really good at fish disease, but the dark clown does look like the color is off in spots. #reefsquad
  10. fishguy242

    Banded worm ID

    @KJ #reefsquad ??
  11. A

    Switched hangout spot?

    Hi all, I’ve had any clown for about 6 months, and just 2 days ago she switched her hangout spot from the upper corner near the power head to under a rock arch. Is this normal behavior or am I just being paranoid? She still eats well and sometimes explores the tank. #reefsquad
  12. Tonycass12

    Brown polyps appearing in sand?

    ...polyps to me, each of them is about the same size of the polyps on my stylo/birdsnest corals. They must have hitched a ride in on this frag. Im going to remove it later tonight and siphon out any that I can find on the sand in the off chance they are something that I really don't want...
  13. Zach B

    Looking for Reef Mentor/Sensei

    I'm sure there are a lot of folks willing to help. Let's start with some of the pros #reefsquad
  14. A

    Ensure clownfish remain male

    ...not pair), and want to introduce a male. My quarantine procedure includes copper for a month and deworming, so how would I ensure that a male in quarantine does not change sex and fight with my current female? I’ve heard 4-6 weeks without a female is when most males will turn? Any advice...
  15. redfishbluefish

    copper meditcation

    ...and tag those who are expert in copper treatment. 1. There are some fish that can not be treated with copper. 2. It's best and less stress on the fish if you slowly raise the copper level to it's therapeutic levels. Now, those who would actually know.... @Jay Hemdal , @4FordFamily ...
  16. powers2001

    Build Thread REEFER 250 All Captive-Bred FISH, SPS, Zoanthids, RED SEA Salt and additives, Moving to new house February 15.

    #reefsquad While I was gone for a few days the roof developed a leak and drywall mud and tape came apart at the seam on the ceiling. The stuff flaked off and fell to the floor. I had a Brute trash can soaking with dryrock and water in the corner of this pic. Although I didn’t see any drywall mud...
  17. ying yang

    What is this on my zoa rock ?

    ...but seems very big and them tentacles at front look very rigid indeed. Let's try get some more experienced guys and gals on it for you . #reefsquad @Mibu @vetteguy53081 Seemed very strong trying pull that polyp inside didnt it Edit: can't see on video front to back of it to see the size of...
  18. GoVols

    Euphylia eating flatworm?

  19. nereefpat

    Build Thread The Genesis Reef....God help us.

    I'm just glad the tank isn't leaking. Sometimes powerheads or cords can be a route for water to drip down the outside of the tank. Hopefully that's all it is. As for pics, I just hit the 'attach' files button. Maybe being a supporter lets me add bigger pics? Not sure. #reefsquad
  20. Z

    Can somebody tell me what I'm dealing with please

    ...but not sure which one. My water is going cloudy even when parameters are ok. I did a 15% water change the day before in a red sea 525xl Help would be extremely appreciated - thank you #reefsquad Ps phosphate is .15 which is probably too high but trying to lower in nyos torq with phosban...
  21. powers2001

    Build Thread REEFER 250 All Captive-Bred FISH, SPS, Zoanthids, RED SEA Salt and additives, Moving to new house February 15.

    Okay here’s my “Watched Hashtag Page “. This function isn’t being utilized very well although I see #reefsqaud use them. The hashtag #reefsquad has 89 pages for the listing of important links like EMERGENCY.
  22. Rororeefer

    Build Thread The Genesis Reef....God help us.

    The tank came with two Eheim 1262 return pumps piped to opposite ends of the sump. Tank size infers it is 112 gallons. Can I run just one of these pumps with a tee to the two tank returns? Is 900 gph split to both sides of the tank enough? #reefsquad
  23. Rororeefer

    Build Thread The Genesis Reef....God help us.

    ...a blessing in disguise. I can now take the stand outdoors to paint it (I was going to hand paint it inside the living room). I can paint the back glass, is there a how to thread on that? I don't care for the sump but couldn't remove it without removing the tank so now I can do that too...
  24. jsker

    EMERGENCY big oops please help

    #reefsquad some help please.
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