Usage for hash tag: reefsquad

  1. mario4933

    Large Birds nest colony RTN

  2. squiderp12

    Good stocking for a 65?

    I’ll call in the experts. #reefsquad
  3. Dragon52

    Help me ID this algae please

    That is some weird looking stuff, not sure what it is but lets see if we can get a few more eyes on it. #reefsquad
  4. reef lover

    This is cool..

    Thats awesome! Hey #reefsquad check this out!
  5. Malifry97

    Looking to sell something through marketplace...

    I’m interested bump also @Crabs McJones #reefsquad @revhtree also and I qualified to sell yet?
  6. Malifry97

    Seachem Ammonia Alert Tag - Reusable?

    Oh didn’t think about that #reefsquad may be able to get you some help
  7. Malifry97

    WHAT IS THIS...?

    ...of this. The B&W and PJ have been in QT for a month. The clown had had since he’s been in QT and the symptoms haven’t gotten worse or better. No change whatsoever. I feel like since he’s had it for a month and no change, it can’t be brook or velvet right? What could it be? #reefsquad @HotRocks
  8. SPR1968

    Torches dying!

    ...To the tank has it ? If the alkalinity is 7.1 it’s a bit on the low side taking into account potential test margins of error (it could be less than 7.1) its says the Dr G is reef safe but it seems a bit odd this occurred after adding it but we’ll see if we can get some more ideas #reefsquad
  9. dbl

    **** October POTM Winner - @CMO ****

    #POTM #Phtographers #anthias #reefsquad #MODS Please help me congratulate @CMO for winning the October POTM Contest.
  10. jaxteller007

    Aiptasia Problem

    ...want to just scrap them off right because they could release stuff into the water or spores and spread throughout right? Can't really put fish or shrimp in the overflow lol. Or do I just not worry about it since over the next month or two we are migrating over to a 180G tank? #reefsquad...
  11. hdsoftail1065

    Unknown problem killing fish

    ...any thing out of the ordinary with the fish? Flashing, hiding, swimming near the surface, hiding in the corners or behind the rocks? I was just reading one of Humblefish's threads and he points out that the Neobenedenia prefers the face, lips and eyes. Let's get some eyes on it. #reefsquad
  12. Malifry97

    Unknown problem killing fish

    Huh. Try a FW dip and see if you see anything also @HotRocks #reefsquad
  13. Peace River

    Help! Two ocellaris clowns

    Welcome to R2R! Let’s see if we can get some help for your clowns... #reefsquad @HotRocks @Humblefish
  14. Dragon52

    What is on this coral beauty?

    #reefsquad @HotRocks @4FordFamily
  15. Malifry97

    No ALK consumption for 5 days

    Bump. But I don’t know how this is possible maybe an expert could help! #reefsquad
  16. NatD

    Squirrelfish Help ASAP!

    Good morning! Welcome to Reef2Reef. Let's get you some help going from folks who've dealt with this real quick... #reefsquad In the interim, you might check out this great thread about Ich Eradication vs. Ich Management...
  17. Peace River

    Just won an auction. Help needed.

    Congratulations! Let's see if we can get some help with the ID.... #reefsquad #zoas #Zoaexperts #ID #idthis
  18. CAKE1123

    New to fishkeeping, Need help. #reefsquad

    I have a 100 gallon saltwater reef tank and I want to add new fish that won't disrupt the environment. #reefsquad
  19. Dragon52

    Weird *very* large copepods and short white worms that don’t look like planaria to me.

    Video doesn't work only sound comes out. #reefsquad
  20. Sashaka

    Fenbendazole bath timing/length for flukes

    #reefsquad edit: Oops pathot984. I guess I posted asking for help from reefsquad at the same time you responded. ;Facepalm .
  21. KrisReef

    Zoanthids aren't opening.. and look strange with how they are closed.

    Hey, you are new here. Welcome to Reef2Reef! I agree that the tank looks hungry for nutrients. Are you spot feeding the LPS? A little coral food (liquid or powder) might also help boost nutrients and get those zoas to open. #reefsquad
  22. Flippers4pups

    Official Prayer Thread!! (Prayer Request)

    Thank you for posting this! Prayers for Sarah! #reefsquad