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  1. Peace River

    Ever had random GFCI outlet trips?

    Yes, it has happened to me. Let's see if we can get some additional input from some electrical pros... @Brew12 @Paul B #reefsquad
  2. Kyl

    Maxspect Jump Gyre MJGF4K - One or Two

    I am not familiar with how much flow the 2k put out, the 4k most definitely rips in my 6' shallow frag tank. #reefsquad Icecap 2k users, thoughts?
  3. jaxteller007

    Could it be copepod bloom?

    ...I'm going through a copepod bloom in our 180 right now. I thought it was dust or something at first cause of screen tops being added. It seems to be a pretty large bloom. Anything I can do to help it go away? I've heard that a serious bloom could starve the oxygen and harm the fish...
  4. SPR1968

    Pygmy Angler Advice

    Ill see if we can get you some help and hopefully some others members will chime in as well. Welcome to R2R as well by the way! #reefsquad
  5. ReefLab

    EMERGENCY Brooklynella! Help please no medication! EMERGENCY

    I am not an expert, and hopefully #reefsquad can help, but I would carefully do a large water change (50%+) to lower copper and try your best to not stress out the fish during this then I would get general cure at your local pet supply store tomorrow and use it. Without pictures, it seems this...
  6. Seffner

    New member

    ...issues. I would start here: You can also type in #reefsquad to get people dedicated to finding solutions to respond. Good luck. I really think you are off to a good start by asking BEFORE you actually do...
  7. andrewey

    All fish in tank with laboured breathing

    #reefsquad First, can you list the parameters of the tank (I know you said ok, but numbers help). Very helpful if you had any numbers from before and after the water change (e.g. ammonia, salinity, temperature, etc.) Second, did you match the salinity and temperature of the WC water? When you...
  8. fishy4thomas

    Good Beginner Corals?

    ...have in my 20g 2 clowns, a cleaner shrimp, 4 blue leg hermits, 4 margarita snails and 1 emerald crab. Also, could someone please teach me all the coral categories ( like, LPS, SPS, is there more?). I really like the look of LPS like wavign hand or flame torch corals. Thanks for the help...
  9. Peace River

    Dangers of Permanently keeping cupramine in FOWLR DT???

    Lets see if we can get some help with your question... @4FordFamily @HotRocks @Big G #reefsquad
  10. indeco

    Urgent! Dose kanaplex in display tank for treatment?

    ...out. I don't really have any coral in my tank except few snails and discosoma. Those infected fish is not eating now, may I know can I dose kanaplex directly into the tank for treatment? If yes, do I need to turn off my skimmer? Is there any other thing that I need to take note of...
  11. fishguy242

    EMERGENCY Stn/rtn possible tank crashing help needed

    hi ,sorry to hear,agree w dipping and separation ,frag into good tissue remove bad,best wishes... #reefsquad
  12. M

    EMERGENCY Stn/rtn possible tank crashing help needed has helped. It is also affecting corals in completely different parts of the tank, minus the 2 that were touching, the stylo was on the far right side of the tank, red planet/stag in the center, frags were in various parts of my rock, on a rack and in a frag section of my sump. #reefsquad
  13. fishguy242

    Clown fish - white mouth

    try to post vid through u tube..i do not know how..but lets get some expert eyes on this #reefsquad ,thanks all
  14. Crabs McJones

    QUESTION OF THE DAY Reefing Sport: What's your team name and who's your sponsors?

    Mine would be the Wisconsin Crabby Patties, and clearly Tomatoa would be our mascot. @revhtree would be my quarterback. you show Aaron Rodgers how to properly throw a ball! The rest of the #MODS team and #reefsquad would be my team :D Mods would be my offensive and reefsquad my defensive.
  15. andrewey

    3 out of 9 dead fish.. New hobbyist.. Thoughts on my situation?

    ...Ultimately you're going to need to focus on proper nutrition, aeration, detoxifying ammonia, and proven treatments of the remaining fish to prevent their death. #reefsquad
  16. SPR1968

    EMERGENCY 30 gall

    Im not an expert on this but we will see if we can get some help for you, and maybe some other members will help out as well #reefsquad
  17. SPR1968

    Help me save this Elite Reef Colorado Sunburst

    I’m not an anemone expert but let’s see if we can get you some help #reefsquad
  18. Raege

    EMERGENCY Another nitrate and phosphate question

    ...and their stability. DKH , Ca, mg, temp salinity Are corals dying? What do you mean by not doing well polyp extension color etc info Pics of corals could be helpful as well Any livestock that might pick at your corals? The more info you can provide the better let’s get the squad #reefsquad
  19. fishguy242

    RIP orchid dottyback

    sorry #reefsquad ..again ;)

    RIP orchid dottyback

    I can’t remember # or @ ... #reefsquad @ReefSquad can you help? Velvet in display and mandarin... I have no clue hopefully you all can help
  21. andrewey

    How much coppersafe for a 75 gallon tank

    First off, welcome to reef2reef! Before I give you my amateur opinion on what you're dealing with, I'm going to summon the experts who can help you with what's going on. #reefsquad @4FordFamily @Big G
  22. Peace River

    2 AI Hydra 26’s setting

    Let's see if we can get some help with your question.... #reefsquad @SPR1968
  23. Flippers4pups

    135 gal 6ft long tank build

    Very nice start! Bravo! #reefsquad
  24. fishy4thomas

    ChemiClean Help

    ...Its been about 24 hours and im not noticing a difference. I just recently put my powerhead slightly out of the water to create more bubbles, because it says you need to INCREASE oxygenation. Is this going to work? Or do the bubbles need to be coming from the bottom or smth?? #reefsquad please...
  25. RichtheReefer21

    Rags2Riches - The Learning Curve. 125g

    ...all, and thanks for being here for the whole ride. Cant wait for the next build. Would like to take a moment to thank all the staff and #reefsquad here for giving me a utopia to take reefing head on and succeed. Couldnt have ever pulled it off without this forum. Lucky enough to say I have...