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  1. Malifry97

    Clownfish swimming vertical

    Seems like everyone here is doing a great job, but it wouldn’t hurt to get more eyes on it... @Humblefish @HotRocks #reefsquad
  2. MTBake

    Clownfish swimming vertical

    #reefsquad any ideas? Thinking it's an injury or shock. I'm really not sure what course of action you should take though. Let's see if someone from the reefsquad has any ideas.
  3. SicZ06

    My tank is 1! Help me get to the next level...

    ...out there on BRS TV / love learning but I have a hard time how to apply what I learn to my tank when every tank is so different. Help me #reefsquad Advice with dosing? I continue to check my levels but don't feel I am doing enough... I made my own dose container out of the all for reef...
  4. Copingwithpods

    Polyp Bailout - Acans and Hammer

    ...CAL is fine mag fine and nitrates are fine. Phosphates are high though how this is affecting the corals though is unknown to me. Hopefully someone more knowledgable about PO4 above 1.0 will chime in. #reefsquad Has everything been stable at those readings or have you had some spikes lately?
  5. Dolelo96

    one for the fish disease experts

    I’m so sorry for your loss..let’s try to get the experts #reefsquad
  6. redfishbluefish

    I have been watching this grow

    #reefsquad @KJ thoughts?
  7. Peace River

    90G build question

    ... (2) 2k IceCap gyres should be okay for your 90g depending on the aquascaping. At the very least, you could start there and look for any dead spots where detritus (or comparable) is collecting. #reefsquad
  8. Crabs McJones

    Coral I.D.

    Welcome to R2R! The first picture is purple clove polyps, low light and low flow. The second looks like some type of gargonian coral perhaps? #reefsquad any ideas on the second coral?
  9. Dolelo96

    Diagnostic Help Please.

    Looks like It could be lymphocystis. Let’s see if we can get some more experience here. #reefsquad
  10. Keen4

    My Anemone is injured

    ...the shape of the Duncan stem. His tentacles are trying to come out on the sides except for in the center of his face and mouth. How do I help him other than just leaving him be and is it possible to save him somehow. I am just recovering this tank from 4 deaths in a chemical warfare. #reefsquad
  11. Flippers4pups

    Terrible thread badge

    ...of people posting topics and starting threads daily. I sometimes post to my build thread and get little to no responses at times. It's going to happen because of what I said. It has nothing to do with who you are or the topic. What you could do is #reefsquad and we will come running to see it.
  12. Keen4

    Carpet Anemone Missing

    I feel like this anemone is suffocating him to his death. Im about ready to break the rock open to rescue him. Wha should I do? This anemone is no where to be found. #reefsquad
  13. Keen4

    I think my anemone is dying

    ...guy look hopeless? I put him in that corner there. He wouldn't attach anywhere. 20 gal tank: 3/24/20 perams 77 F Salinity: 1.026 Ph:8.2 Ca: 400ppm per Red Sea test api test Ca:300 dkh: 12.3 Meq:4.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrates: .25ppm Mg: 1600ppm per Red Sea - Salifert: Mg;930ppm P02: 25ppm #reefsquad
  14. jaxteller007

    Calculate gph of wave maker setting

    ...anything in this hobby can lead to problems lol. I'm trying to figure out how much flow we need in our tank and how to set our wave makers for that requirement. We have two RN-1s and 1 QP-16 (which I'd love to eliminate since the controller is on the fritz and it's big and ugly). #reefsquad
  15. TriggerFinger

    Bucket list fish on order.

    ...quoted thread by Humblefish and Melypr so I guess I’ll go with that. What else should I pick up just in case? The guy at the store rambled on for a solid 90 seconds naming medications so I should be able to get most anything. They close in a couple hours so headed there now. Any advice...
  16. K

    Elegance Coral Not extending

    bump #reefsquad
  17. TK_KW

    NeoNitro dose?

    #reefsquad #Reefsquadleaders System is reading zero Nitrates. How much and how fast do I dose? 270 gallon water volume.
  18. jaxteller007

    Flow Questions (180G FOWLR setup)

    ...flow completely screwed up in this thing and need to be educated on how to set it up properly lol. Oh and I'm still 100% on what Frequency is for these dang wave makers haha. I greatly appreciate any tips and advice (and so does my wife if it means I'm not fidgeting with thank haha). #reefsquad
  19. Dragon52

    Sargassum Trigger emaciated

  20. Riqaq


    ...seems, to me, to be configured for domestic drinking water and not really suitable for Reef use. I am not a water chemist so I don't know if running the output of the run off tap through a separate resin filter is feasible (or even safe for the aquarium) maybe one of the #reefsquad could help.
  21. Dragon52

    What do you think?

    Not sure then, maybe #reefsquad can help.
  22. Dragon52

    Need help immediately

  23. Keen4

    Anemone doesn’t look the same?

    I have anemone issues too- I added them to a pre-mature tank. Its been a couple of weeks now. How is it going? Good luck! #reefsquad
  24. Billldg

    White smoke like swirls floating around

    #reefsquad, any ideas?