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  1. Z

    First fish tomorrow but phosphate .25

    ...The only thing I have now is the API quick start? Will my new fish be alright? Or what should I do? I am so new at this and obviously panicking as I am trying for nothing to happen to them? #reefsquad I would appreciate anything that will help me keep my newbies alive #reefsquad Thanks...
  2. redfishbluefish

    Purple/black slug-like critter

    Let's get some expert eyes on this one.... #reefsquad @KJ
  3. TK_KW

    Vermit snails propagate

    What are the ways that Vermit snails spread and propagate in our systems? Is there some scientific sources or experts that have stated this anywhere? Cheers #reefsquad
  4. WheatToast

    Does Anyone Have Information On The "Ultimate Sump"?

    ...- You could choose either filter floss or socks - Featured an AquaC skimmer - Trickle filter contained Eheim Substrat Pro and Lifegard Aquatics Bio-Mate - Came with a UV sterilizer and a logbook (not pictured) Please explain what you guys know and if you had any experience with it. #reefsquad
  5. N.Sreefer

    Trace elements

    ...Randy is. @Randy Holmes-Farley what are the possible effects of low iron, zinc, manganese, and cobalt on a reef system? Will the absence cause problems for the op? I imagine a trace elements solution could boost those for you but no idea how fast the numbers could be safely raised #reefsquad
  6. TK_KW

    How long can cured rock be out in open air?

    #reefsquad, I have a few hundred pounds of rock, that I've had cured in large garbage bin. Going on about two months now, while I had my front panel changed. Question, How long can the rock be brought out into open air ( to redo aquascape) before you start losing beneficial bacteria?
  7. A

    Kenya tree/leather toxins effect on Xenia

    ...chemical warfare as the tank is very small. If I could describe the demise of my Xenia, it would be like the polyps were getting skinnier and skinnier, until they turned gray and just fell off. I went from 100 wish polyps to probably 15-20 now. Would running carbon be a good idea? #reefsquad
  8. Bepis

    Whitetail Bristletooth tang tail turned black?

    We can try some more knowledgeable peoples #reefsquad
  9. Jenskittytank2

    Hello Hello everyone! I'm new here and just starting my reef/saltwater tank.

    ...this., which I'd rather not use anymore if possible. I have 3 small clown fish, cleaner shrimp that has molted twice and my big red fire shrimp that has molted 3 times already! He is my favorite. Also, this is only a 40 gal. tank, wish I got much larger but I suppose it'll do for now...
  10. Z

    Bleached Rock - Is it normal and do i use it?

    ...i really better not use, but here are some pics of what some has turned out like? As i’ve said I’ve never done this before - should I use this or will it create big problems for startup of my new tank? I don’t want to stuff up before i even get going!! #reefsquad Thanks so much everyone!!!!
  11. TK_KW

    G5 or Sky?

    #reefsquad Anyone know what size the female tapping is, on the Sky to screw hardware into? Same as the radions I guess too.
  12. Miami Reef

    I want to upgrade my return pump…will I ruin my sump water level?

    #MODS #reefsquad Can you merge these 2 threads together?
  13. Age_of_Aquarius

    Build Thread Where to buy acrylic tank?

    ...from nothing here, buying all the components is a bit daunting. Taking this into account, is there a vendor that has great phone support in helping me determine the best components. My main concern is getting the sump, media, skimmer, and heater setup correctly for my tank size. #reefsquad
  14. Msteven1

    Flipping Trochus

    Post in thread 'Mark's 40 breeder upgrade' hope the link works. Lost 4 out of 5 snails. #reefsquad
  15. A

    Not sure what to do next.

    ...strand of dino covered algae. Anyways, what should I do next? Should I just wait, start adding a cleanup crew again, or do something else? #reefsquad This is getting awfully frustrating because the algae is starting to smother the very few corals I have left, and I’m not sure I can add a...
  16. A

    Skinny Xenia and iodine

    ...before the algae. Since I have not done a substantial water change in quite a while could the tank be iodine deficient? I’ve been dosing phosphates so I’m not sure nutrient deficiency is the problem and my nitrates are at 30. Would it be worth a shot so dose small amounts of iodine? #reefsquad
  17. SaltiLife

    Questions about Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

    ...with a aqua knight A029 and it puts my 29 gallon to shame. Should I replace the Kessil with 2 of the Aqua Knight A029's? Should I take the Nirvana Palys and move them to the 5 gallon to see if the light just isn't enough in the 29 gallon? Thanks for all the reply's and help in advance...
  18. A

    GHA suffocating corals

    ...I don't want to get rid of the film algae and Diatoms. Hand removal is extremely difficult because the xenia is quite delicate and attached to the rock. I was originally thinking flucanazole or vibrant, but there are other algaes that I really need and don't want to wipe out. Any advice...
  19. TK_KW

    Build Thread Tyler's 220 gallon in wall build thread!

    Alright #reefsquad #Reefsquadleaders so lights are down. New larger finished ply on the wall ready for plumbing. Only electrical left is running the temp system. Sump glass is ready for pick up. And traded some coral in for some cash. Now the question, Do you buy Radions or the new Sky's...
  20. A

    Questions about prorocentrum, but I don't want to take chances either. The vast bulk of the dinos were on the now removed sand so i doubt toxins are in nearly as high concentrations. I also have plenty of diatoms and film algae as well as GHA for inverts to eat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. #reefsquad
  21. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture:Welcome to R2R

    Tons of fire and some killer deals!! Get 10% off by using the promo code :R2R #RiptideAquaculture #deals #reefsquad #macrophotgraphy #Photography #reefphotography #allmymoneygoestocoral #Welcome
  22. comsubin61

    Hello Hello from PA

    ...tank with stand but nothing else. I am a long time scuba diving instructor and like things natural, so my tank will be as close as to real as I can get it. I can definitely use your help. Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I am sure to learn a lot from you guys and gals. #reefsquad
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