Usage for hash tag: reefsquad

  1. El_Guapo13

    ID please!

    Not sure specifically, but looks like a favia. Btw, should probably have posted this in LPS forums, not in hitchhiker forums. #reefsquad
  2. CasaReefer

    Feather duster worm okay?

  3. El_Guapo13

    Is my hammer dying?

    Not sure what is going ont there. Hopefully some #reefsquad members can tell what it is.
  4. jlts21

    What is that hard stony formation growing...

    lets get some more eyes on it #reefsquad
  5. kichimark

    New to saltwater - looking for help with a seahorse tank

    Welcome to R2R. I am going to follow this one since I am curious myself. Let's see if #reefsquad has any advice.
  6. ccombs

    Please Help!

    #reefsquad @ngoodermuth @Big G @Frtdrmrose7 @Brew12 @Humblefish I am not as good with this stuff, but the reefers above can offer some more guidance. In mean time, please post exact parameters and tell us about all equipment you have online. Check cords for any exposed electrical and let us...
  7. Brew12

    What should I keep in my 125 g with 44 triton sump?

    Can we do this instead? We have a group of volunteers called the #reefsquad who may be able to help.
  8. Daniel@R2R

    Will blue velvet nudibranch eat berghia nudibranches?

    Bumping this. Maybe the #reefsquad will know
  9. M

    Can Someone look over my stocking list?

    Can #reefsquad look over my stocking list also, #reefsquadisbetterthanthemodsquad 100%
  10. Kyl

    Enough giving my opinion, time to get some other opinions - who should I add to this group for a new frag tank?

    ...It will have a tight fitting mesh lid, especially since it's shallow. So, if you had this profile to work with, what would you add to this little group? #reefsquad , care to chime in? I have the typical algae work-horses, and the DT is major pest free so "pest" utility fish aren't required.
  11. Peace River

    Help! Acquired a reef tank and don’t know what I have!

    #WelcometoR2R and thank you for your desire to take care of the coral. I’m sure others will chime in soon with recommendations - good luck! #reefsquad
  12. Peace River

    Mp40 making clunking sound and demags falls off?

    Bump. Anybody with MP40s have a suggestion? #reefsquad
  13. spyder813

    Removing Reefer 350 weir pipes

    !!! Welcome to R2R !!! #reefsquad will chime in soon.
  14. Crabs McJones

    Removing Reefer 350 weir pipes

    Welcome to R2R! Unfortunately I don't know the answer but I can tag some users who might #WelcometoR2R #reefsquad
  15. Terri Caton

    Save my aussie gold

    @ReefSquad Hope it makes it ok.
  16. Malifry97

    Good or bad worm?

    @DSC reef @KJ #reefsquad
  17. spyder813

    Reef safe ich treatments

    !!! Welcome to R2R !!! You will get a lot of help in a few minutes. #reefsquad
  18. Malifry97

    This is a no-go for this torch huh.

  19. Malifry97

    Help! Something burst out of my fishes head!

    @HotRocks @Humblefish #reefsquad
  20. MamaP

    Flukes – General Guidelines

    ...twitching, etc. 2) Can flukes ride in on inverts? The "canary" mollies are in my invert QT, whose 45 days are up on Wednesday, so I need to figure this out quick. Posting a pic for reference (pardon all the spots on the magnifying glass and dog hairs on the rug...). Thoughts? #reefsquad
  21. El_Guapo13

    TB Saltwater Hitchhikers

    Definitely looks like Aiptasia. Not sure if the snail species. #reefsquad