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  1. Peace River

    Hello Sick fish

    Welcome to Reef2Reef!!! I'm sorry to hear about your fish. Let's see if we can get some help... @Jay Hemdal #reefsquad
  2. P

    Tiny black spots on rocks. Coralline grows everywhere but rocks.

    ...reason, coralline refuses to grow on my rocks, but doesn't seem to have an issue anywhere else, including the glass, the pumps, etc. The rocks are Marcorocks from BRS. The black stuff doesn't appear to encrust or connect together to form a "covering". Maybe #reefsquad have seen this before?
  3. redfishbluefish

    Setup & questions

    ...will steal their food before they can eat. They also can't handle powerful currents from powerheads. What I'm saying is that it's best to house seahorses by themselves. But that said, let's see if we can get some others who know more about keeping seahorses.... @SeahorseKeeper ...
  4. NeonRabbit221B


    Going to throw out #reefsquad tag as they might provide some additional insight.
  5. TK_KW

    Build Thread Tyler's 220 gallon in wall build thread!

    #reefsquad Temp system ready to go. Sump is done. Plumbed, added the older UV to thus system. Just waiting on few neptune extensions for pmup. Going to cycle my new rock down in this system for 5-6 weeks. Then start transferring display slowly into it. Miracles is still booked for May 25th...
  6. redfishbluefish

    Help ID Acro pest

    #reefsquad and @KJ can hopefully help identify.
  7. CMMorgan

    EMERGENCY Please Help ID

    I am not well versed enough in fish illness so let's call in #reefsquad to the rescue...
  8. Bepis

    Hello HELP! Ruby Red Dragonet not eating, lethargic and sleeping?

    #reefsquad I would go to your local fish store and get some pods, eco pods or something with a large variety, and get him eating those. was he qt’d and what did you treat him with?
  9. Jekyl

    Blue tang sick?

    Looks like velvet but I'm far from an expert #reefsquad @Jay Hemdal
  10. KrisReef

    These white spots on my tang mean it’s happy...

    Sir. You need to start medication immediately and right after you post your parameters. I want to try and replicate your tang metamorphosis results. #reefsquad
  11. Peace River

    Hello New member, need suggestions

    Welcome to R2R! Let’s see if we can get some additional input... @Jay Hemdal #reefsquad
  12. Jekyl

    I have no idea if it’s a disease or what

    #reefsquad will know way more than I do. I have no experience losing fish except to suicide.
  13. S

    clownfish sick?

    ...question on whether the fish are still eating? Aside from hanging out at the bottom of the tank or hiding, are they showing any other symptoms? What kind of corals did you buy and where did you place them? Is it possible they are somewhere that is disturbing or stinging the fish...
  14. ariellemermaid

    Need Help: New Corals Bleaching with Mucous Coat is RTN. It really seems like the coral just melted in less than 24 hours and the goop that was on top was just melted coral tissue. So, #reefsquad whats my next step? The tank is more stable now than its ever been with Apex and a Trident. Definitely don’t want this to spread to other...
  15. Billldg

    Why do EXTREME fixes seem to be the suggested go to on online forums?

    I am truly sorry you feel that way. We #MODS and #reefsquad try to do our best to help out as many new...and veteran...reefers as best as we can. We are reefing hobbyist...with daily jobs...that come home to help out other reefing hobbyist with issues. DO we have all the answers, NO, but do we...
  16. Idoc

    Hole in head disease or just damage?

    Wow... that's quick, then! It could be injuries, but that sure looks like HLLE disease. #reefsquad - anyone else have some ideas.
  17. Peace River

    Hello My first marine tank 55 gallon with a puffer fish . Need help figuring out the actual diagnostic!

    Welcome to Reef2Reef! Let's see if we can get you some additional help with your fish... @Jay Hemdal #reefsquad
  18. Jekyl

    Hole in the side of my watchman

    Sounds like HLLE but I'm not an expert on these things. #reefsquad
  19. Jekyl

    ID please

    Welcome to R2R! Let's see if we can get some of the experts in here to help you out. #reefsquad
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