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  1. 14 foot reef
    Yes, the left Bow is a aggressive tank and NON Reef safe fishes and the right Bow is a clown harem tank with a 28 year old Haddoni Carpet anemone.
  2. Neptune 555
    holy cow! Love it!! Are the three different areas divided so that different fish can occupy the tank?
  3. 203Joshua
    Looks like he is just ****** off , see what he is like tomorrow .
  4. Lylelovett
    I have the same tank. How many pounds of rock is that?
  5. JumboShrimp
    Very, very nice—something to be proud of!
  6. 14 foot reef
    Rock'n The FragHouse !!!!! Thank you FragHouse Corals
  7. jtonephilthy
    looks great!
  8. jtonephilthy
    @Geebs19 I also dose reef energy part a and b and he has been doing really well with that also.
  9. jtonephilthy
    @Geebs19 I have mine sitting directly in the middle of my tank and he gets a pretty decent amount of flow hitting him. I have a lot of flow in my tank in general. he doesn't seem to mind all of...
  10. Geebs19
    How much flow do you have on it? I’ve got mine about 1/3 of the way up from the sand bed and think it may be getting too much flow.

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