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  1. jsker
    Great video
  2. lzrlvr
    Nice system
  3. denise pr
    Hottttttt I wanted
  4. denise pr
  5. Eindecker
    That is cal tort. It has to much green to be oragon tort. Oragon tort is deep blue.
  6. jsker
    Look around the media page and found your video.
  7. FLSharkvictim
    Nice flow / nice tank,!! It looks like there is a lot of shadowing occurring but that could be form your camera. What kind of lights are you currently running?
  8. FLSharkvictim
    Why bare bottom?
  9. Fudsey
    It's new that's why. But I used all my live rock from my 90 except 1 piece. SO there really wasn't much of a cycle. I wouldn't doubt it will get nasty soon.
  10. Tripptastic
    WOW! Looks great. I wish I could keep my sand that clean looking. I'm going to go bare bottom with my new 70.2

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