Grunts and Sweetlips

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  1. Firefrk1
    Not sure what this guy is doing
  2. Juniorh2r
    Well that's a very nice set up. Once I get the hang of this I would like to get one custom made love the hobby so far very addicting... I drive my wife crazy lol.
  3. 14 foot reef
    @Juniorh2r Junior, thats a loaded question...LOL With everything considered, including the 20" thick concrete foundation with drain system under it, 3 dehumidifiers in the crawl space and all...
  4. Juniorh2r
    Not to be nosey but how much rounded off for the complete setup and monthly costs for maintenance?
  5. Juniorh2r
    Nice setup!
  6. Michael in Montana
    Need help identifying this jelly like sack oD4D7E6F2-F065-4EDA-A750-0D57508BDDCF by Michael in Montana posted Oct 28, 2018 at 12:19 PM2B310A28-1BC9-4395-8242-5943AF3F61B0 by Michael in Montana...
  7. cromag27
    physical. plastic expands when wet.
    Hello and thanks for hte comment. When you say expansion do you mean physical expansion or expansion to adjust water flow?
  9. cromag27
    hopefully you left room for expansion of the panels.
  10. BedrockIOMC
    Beautiful corals!!!!

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