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  1. Geebs19
    How much flow do you have on it? I’ve got mine about 1/3 of the way up from the sand bed and think it may be getting too much flow.
  2. jtonephilthy
    weekly tank updates on youtube stop by my channel and check them out if your interested! thank you!
  3. MaccaPopEye
    @DirtDiggler2823 Yes it's a 3D printed housing to put the Raspberry Pi and other circuits into. I've got another photo uploaded of the actual printed box with the components inside.
  4. DirtDiggler2823
    Is this just a case for the reef-pi itself?
  5. lzrlvr
    Awesome system
  6. TexasTodd
    How deep does the water need to be on top of the mesh?
  7. lzrlvr
    What is that?
  8. denise pr
    Nice tank
  9. ehays1973
    Very nice
  10. MaccaPopEye
    @FLSharkvictim Sorry mate I don't do this as a business, I would only make things for people local to me (Northern Australia). This is also 3D printed not made with acrylic (which can't be 3D...

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