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  1. FLSharkvictim
    Super Clean shot of a SPS tank!
  2. don_chuwish
    LOL. I've never seen what the interface looks like on those.
  3. FLSharkvictim
    Well thank god, I dont have to deal with that Neptune coding any longer!! I just got the NEW ProfiLux4 Ultimate KIT w Touch Screen display GHL Aquarium controller along with the GHL Maxi dosing...
  4. don_chuwish
    All kinds of stuff - slow down in feed mode, response to power failure, ramp up, ramp down throughout the day converse to each other, off for water change, etc. So for example flow is stronger...
  5. FLSharkvictim
    @don_chuwish -What can you do with them when you have the TUNZE cable hook up to the apex? Do you slow them down at night on time sch?
  6. don_chuwish
    Thanks! Same - 6055s. Love'em and what I can do with them via Apex. The acclimation box is part of the Reef Gently Acclimate, I got the XL size....
  7. Duane Clark
    Nice! I have some that look just like that. love Acans!
  8. FLSharkvictim
    I would imagine a tank that large and all of the SPS Corals you have set up on in this tank, it's got to be a full time job!! I can even imagine even running anything that big ! Your system is...
  9. FLSharkvictim
    Super clear and Superb Quality!
  10. FLSharkvictim
    I love the acclimation box, do you happen to know where you got it from? Also, I see your run the same pumps as I do but my 4 are the TUNZE NanoStreams 6055's what are yours?

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