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  1. N11morales

    32G biocube light upgrade

    I just got myself AI Prime 16HD lighting for my biocube What are some good starter settings for my biocube. I have mainly Euphyllia corals and an anemone, some other LPS.
  2. N11morales

    32G Biocube switch to AI Prime HD lighting

    I have been thinking about upgrading my lights to the AI Prime HD's instead of the biocubes base lighting. I was wondering if this is a good switch? Also I saw this video on how to cut a hole into the lid of the biocube remove the lights nad have the ai prime stick through the hole. Has anyone...
  3. N11morales

    Biocube 32G Filtration

    Hello, I was wondering what type of filtration do people use on the 32G biocube. I was hoping to get to know what everyone uses for each back chambers and what products. I would like to upgrade my stuff really soon. If you have a recommendation or pictures of what y'all did please fill free to...
  4. ReeferWarrant

    Build Thread A Warrant's 32g BioCube Build

    A little bit about myself, I've always been interested in marine life and never had the courage to try out a reef tank. My mother was a biology teacher and as a kid I was glued to anything the BBC produced that was related to the ocean. I spent my high school years working at a pet store in...
  5. clownenthusiast2017

    Doser for my 32?

    So I'm looking to add an alk and calc doser to my 32. Any suggestions on which one I should get? Thanks so much and as always, Happy Reefing!
  6. ReefMeUpScotty

    Build Thread Biocube 32 reef tank

    I have a topless 32 gallon Coralife Biocube and I love it. Upgrades include: -Hydor Aqamai WiFi Wavemaker -Koralia 3rd gen Wavemaker -InTank Media Basket (Floss, Chemipure Elite, Purigen, SeaGel, Matrix, Carbon/Ammonia Remover) -Coralife Skimmer -Coralife UV Filter -Current USA IC Pro LED’s (2...
  7. ReefMeUpScotty

    First post alert! Thanks for helping a newb out!

    Hi everybody, I want to start off by saying thank you to all you members for the knowledge I’ve gained from utilizing this forum the past few months while getting my tank up and running. Now, on to my tank! I have a Biocube (32 gallon) that’s been set up since the end of October. I have around...
  8. dirtyd61

    AIO Build Dirtys Biocube 32 Build

    I broke down my 150g system a few years ago and have just been doing freshwater since then. Recently picked up a 32g Coralife Biocube and plan to do another reef tank. This is where it stands now: Tank: Coralife LED Biocube 32g Temp Control: InkBird ITC-308 Chiller: JBJ Artica Nano Heater: 2...
  9. Reef of Fillory

    From 75G to 32G, what stocking level is acceptable?

    Hello, I've had a 75 Gallon with 40G sump for the last 6 months. I have sold my house and now need to downgrade tanks, and sell/trade for credit any fish that I can't keep in the new tank. I bought a CoraLife Biocube 32Gallon with LED hood etc...