1. Printed Reef

    Curious about our products? Watch this!

    Curious about our products? Watch as Joey from The Coral Reef Talk thoroughly describes and reviews some of our most popular items! Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeLW5VOe-g0&t=1s
  2. Printed Reef

    USA Neptune AFS Feeder Ring (Video)

    Hello Reefers! This feeder ring is great for preventing your fish food from being swept away into the overflows. This product is available now on our website at PrintedReef.com!
  3. Printed Reef

    Frag Plug Sand Stands!

    Hello Reefers! This little guy right here has turned out to be an amazing solution for flexible and sturdy placement of your frags anywhere in your tank. We offer them in a variety of colors as well as in varying diameters at the opining. Even better, a pack of 5 starts at $9.99! If you are...
  4. NanoReeferAlex

    Florida WTB 3d Printed Fluval Evo 5 media basket

    Im looking for a 3d printed media box with 3 chambers similar to the in tank media box, hopefully at a cheaper cost! Fluval Evo 5 Sea
  5. christianscorals

    anyone here make frag racks?

    Hello, I don’t have permission to post under the 3D printing forum yet but i was wondering if anyone here makes these angled single plug holders by chance? Thanks !
  6. Printed Reef

    Sand Sifter

    Hello Reefers! This is a new 3D printed product that I have recently listed on our website. It was originally a custom order, but after realizing how useful it was, I decided to offer it to everyone! This sifter is attached to a 36 inch acrylic rod, and also comes fitted with a 3D printed...
  7. Printed Reef

    Hello Hello Reefers

    Hello Reefers, After 10 years of dealing with a swampy pond in Michigan I have finally gotten back into the hobby of reefing. In those 10 years of absence I have come to realize that freshwater truly does not compare to the wonderful world of saltwater. Now, I am once again fully engaged in...
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