40 gallon breeder

  1. Retro Reefer

    My Big Beautiful Budget Breeder Build

    Well maybe not so big... :D My goal is to set up the best reef possible for the least amount of money and effort, I want something that will be easy to maintain and that checks all my boxes while staying within my budget, I’ll be sourcing the cheapest possible equipment while simultaneously not...
  2. Legal Reefer

    40 breeder with DIY stand.

    Still a work in progress. Have almost everything I need to put it together now. Pukani rock cure is almost finished. Still knocking around some ideas I have on how I'm going to set up my 20 gal. long DIY sump/refugium. I'll post more pics as I progress.
  3. Richard the Reefer

    Show me your no sump 40 gallon breeder!

    If there is anyone out there running a 40 gallon breeder without a sump... Show me :)
  4. Jeremy K.A.

    Safest HOB Overflow

    Hey R2R members I'm going to set up a 40 gallon breeder tank for frogfish and have a few other tanks, none of which have sumps etc, that being said I'd really like to do this one "right". I'd prefer not to drill the tank, and would rather use a HOB overflow, but have heard of them being a key...
  5. alechales1

    Building an AIO 40 gallon and getting married need you help!

    My name is Alec! I've been doing freshwater for a while I currently have a 75 gallon discus/southern Painted Turtle tank and a 29 gallon galaxy rasbora, planted. I've been wanting to do a reef tank for a while but I promised myself I would spend several months researching (I started the end...
  6. John Kastanos

    40 Breeder Snowflake Eel Tankmates

    I am planning to convert my 40 Breeder from freshwater to saltwater, and I'm starting to plan on what kind of fish I will be keeping. I have heard great things about the Snowflake Moray Eel and I really really want one, so it is definitely on my list. What other fish can I keep with it? Will he...