1. CardiNole

    ledreef rocks!

    I bought a bunch of acros from ledreef. They are absolutely beautiful, full of fire! Shipped perfectly. Cannot give a higher recommendation.
  2. T

    Keeping SPS in a mixed reef

    Hello I was wondering what is your experience with keeping SPS in a mixed reef tank. I currently have a 270 gallon mixed reef and I have some montis in the tanks that are doing well and I want to try some acros out, whats the best way to add them in to an establish reef tank, I have read that...
  3. tristanfish

    Show & Tell, the Hairiest & colorful Acro

    Let’s see them please. Pics and names. No explanations necessary. Just fun pic heavy thread. :) No name Cherry bomb Candy coral blaze of glory Bc Bonfire No name No name No name
  4. JSpen

    Florida Frags in fort Myers

    On spring break in fort Myers, anyone have frags available in the area. Looking for mainly sps. Would like to pick up Sunday or Monday or morning before flying out.
  5. Xmoji

    Illinois SPS

    Pink Lemonade Mother Colony $40 $50 $50 Orange Passion Mother Colony $80 CHICAGO PICKUP ONLY (for now)
  6. kdino

    SPS 10 packs

    Hey everyone, anyone ever order a 10 pack of Acros, or Acros and Montis from AquaSD. Looking to see what sizes an variety i can expect. Obviously not much as they break down to $10 a piece, but just curious. @AquaSD can you provide some insights into this??
  7. Jeremy K.A.

    "Easiest" Acros

    I've been working on maintaining stable parameters, particularly Salinity, PH, Calcium and Alkalinity, and have been doing quite well with ups finally such as multiple montiporas, pavona, pocillopora and one acro until it fell. That being said I'd like to get some more acros and am curious which...
  8. ChaosAquaculture

    Florida High End ACROS and SHROOMS!! HR, Ghilli, Electus, MORE

    Some Acros and Shrooms for sale! The mother colony is pictured above the frag that is for sale. Frags are WYSIWYG! Located in Wellington,FL Shipping available! Mother Colony (NOT FOR SALE) Sexy Corals Orange Passion- SOLD Chunky Frag SOLD Mother Colony (NOT FOR SALE) WWC Christmas...
  9. Robink

    Tennessee Have some frags to go... Local pickup.

    Trying to make some room in the tank, so I have some frags for sale. Multiple frags of Mohawks $5-$10 (anywhere from 5-10+ polyps per frag) WWC Heartbreaker Acro $30 PC Rainbow Acro $30 Vivid's Rainbow Acro $30 Joe the Coral Acro $30 RR USA Crazy T Monti $100 PM for more info.
  10. bubbaque

    Bubba's SPS Journey

    UPDATED FTS of all tanks as of December 2018 Display 180 Frag tank 50 gallon Frag tank 50 gallon I don't really share much pics but I figured I would start so I can document my journey and sps growth. I will upload new photos of new sps as I get them or have time to take more photos. Here...
  11. YourReef

    YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! Saturday 11/4- 2pm-6pm pacific time

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday November 4th from 2pm-6pm (pacific time) for our YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! 500+ WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 frag specials, a free frag for everyone that orders & prizes/giveaways! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in...
  12. E

    Sudden rise in calcium inhibit polyp extension?

    I refilled my calcium container and left the pump on while clearing the line. Oops. Rise from 420ppm to 470ppm. I started to notice my polyp extension on a few of my acros was pitiful. Before the rise the polyps looked like they might pop off the coral. Now they are barely sticking out...
  13. Rakie

    The Garden -- Rakies shallow SPS cube

    This build has been living since October, tank is stocked and has SPS and blah blah. Might as well start the story from the beginning though.. _______________________________________________________ Finally got all the equipment gathered and am starting to build the tank The tank is a modest...
  14. YourReef

    Website Update- New WYSIWYG Frags & Price Reductions

    Website update & sale. Free Shipping – All orders at/over $149.99 qualify for free shipping. Anything under $149.99 will be charged the Overnight Shipping fee of $39.99. Discounted CA Shipping rates are available- see our delivery information page for more info-...