acrylic aquarium

  1. JBiblio

    150 gallon Living (Room) Reef

    Hi All! I recently moved, started a new job, and decided that now is the time to upgrade my reef tank! A little background: I've been using a 46 gallon bowfront tank that my dad and I set up when I was in 6th grade. That reef lasted until we moved a couple yeasrs later but, between one thing...
  2. Schwartzy

    NEED OPINIONS - Custom 50g Acrylic Tank Plumbing

    Hello all, I have once again come to seek your advice and knowledge. I recently acquired a custom 50 gallon acrylic tank with a back wall overflow. (pictures are included below). This will be plumbed into a Trigger Systems Ruby 30 sump. I am looking at having this tank set up towards the end of...
  3. Proverbs3:5-6

    Where to buy tank???

    I’m in the search for quality acrylic. I want to get a 250 or 300 gallon acrylic tank that’s drilled, with overflows and stand. I’ve googled acrylic tank manufacturing but am curious if anyone has one and where did you purchase it?
  4. Twitchy

    My 270 Gallon Build with remote garage fish room : 390 gallons of crazy

    Hello R2R , I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I just felt others would like to follow this crazy "project" of mine. I'm currently running a 6ft 125 gallon, but always felt something a bit bigger would allow me to have more of the fish I love, this combined with my desire to have a fish...
  5. Brian Goldstein

    Bad Seal/Seam on new acrylic aquarium?

    Hey Reefers- I really need your advice on an acrylic tank I recently purchased. It was made custom by a really good shop in LA. I am new to acrylic tanks so I am not sure what is normal and what isn't in terms of crazing and bubbles. The tiny bubbles you see in the seams have been there since...
  6. LiveWire

    Maryland WTB Frag Tanks

    I'm looking to buy some 4-6' long (Acrylic, Glass, Blue) basic frag tanks. If you have anything please let me know. Looking to pick up locally. I am located in MD close to VA, PA, WV and DC and don't mind driving a little.
  7. Ignitros

    Larger mixed reef tank... 72" x 24" x 24" or so. Acrylic or Glass?

    Hey Everyone! I am starting to get together a list of equipment for a new build I'm going to take on. I am building a through wall display tank. It will be 72" to 84" wide, 24" to 30" deep and tall. I've had both acrylic and glass tanks in the past but never done anything larger than a 90...
  8. isaacalves

    California 32.7 gallon Acrylic reef tank w/ Hayward Valve - $60

    Used for a bit to grow chaeto. Been sitting in garage. Has scratches but no leaks. Pick up for $60 Local pick up only. I'm in Rancho Santa Margarita.

    California 125 gal acrylic set up with formica stand and canopy

    125H acrylic black back w/center trapezoid overflow, black formica stand and canopy, excellent condition overall, aquarium is 60"L x 18"W x 24"H, stand height is 30", and canopy height is 10". Comes with 1 sump that holds (1) 7" sock, Iwaki 55rlt return pump, Koralia wave controller, (2)...
  10. Jose Berry

    My 225G build.

    This is a general discussion/tracker for the build of this project. Ideas are always welcome but I will not be told that I should do something. You should do this V.S have you thought about this are two different trend setters. Any way I’m excited to pick up this tank tomorrow the 28th of...
  11. Steven Hunter

    Craigslist Acrylic Aquarium find - Questions

    Hello R2R. First post here, however I have been following the forum and researching certain topics in anticipation for my reef build for a while now... which leads me onto my newly acquired tank. I found a quarter cylinder 60 gallon 1/2" acrylic aquarium for a sweet deal on Craigslist. It was...

    50 gal acrylic tank (niw), wet/dry, nano chiller, protein skimmer

    New still in wrap 50 gal acrylic aquarium, manufacturer: Clear for Life 36"L x 15"W x 20"H $200 Wet/dry filter, used less than 3 months then put in storage, has internal overflow box (via suction cups), hang on filter box with siphon tube and pre filter, bio media, ect. 24"L x 8"W x 14"H...
  13. thinktank

    Have you built a DIY acrylic aquarium? How'd it go? Recommended?

    I'm considering building my own DIY acrylic aquarium, but I'm curious about how the project went for those of you who've done this, if you'd do it again, and any recommendations/advice you have? Did you experience leaks? Where did you buy the acrylic and did it maintain clarity? What...
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