acrylic aquarium

  1. Xxflounderxx

    Acrylic tank cracking

    I have an 150 gallon acrylic tank 5x2x2 been running over 2 years got it second hand. I did water change last weekend and just cleaned the front pannel today and noticed some very small look like little cracks in the middle of the tank over about a 1ft span. They just appeared out of no were...
  2. sky414

    Lighting for acrylic reef tank with peaceful fish 120 gallons

    Hi! I am super new to Reef2Reef and to saltwater aquariums. I am thinking about getting an 120 gallon custom acrylic tank and I need to decide on lighting so the builder can know what clamps or other things he needs. the tank is going to be 60"L x 24" W x20" H. I want a few peaceful fish and...
  3. OnlyGenusCaps

    Minnesota 270gal acrylic aquarium - Minnesota - local pick up only

    I have a ~270 gallon acrylic, reef-ready (2 trapezoidal overflows, pre-drilled for Herbie style overflows), tank and stand make by Midwest Custom Acrylic a couple years ago (measures 72"x30"x30" outside dimensions). I've never used it! The protective paper is still on it and it's not seen a...
  4. R

    Acrylic tank refurb questions

    Hello, I was offered a 464 litre (about 125 gallons) acrylic cube tank (75*75*90 lwh [in cm]) for free, (tank is on its side in the photo).The tank is of course scratched, although the scratches are not deep and I think could be removed with some elbow grease. That of course then isn't my...
  5. T

    Colored bottom on acrylic tank?

    Has anyone ever made an acrylic tank with a bottom colored anything aside from the standard black clear white or blue? I have some spare sheets laying around solid orange, fluorescent orange, solid yellow etc. I was wondering if anyone had ever experimented with using other colors of acrylic on...
  6. S

    Ultrasonic transducer/scaler for coralline algae

    Hi all, I recently have been trying to figure out a way to use an ultrasonic transducer to clean off year old coralline algae that is incredibly strong. Normal plastic scrapers don’t do the job and metal ones will cause scratches. Attached is a video of a test I did using a handheld dental...
  7. Xxflounderxx

    EMERGENCY Acrylic tank failure

    Hello those of you with experience on acrylic tanks is this a sign of failure? Tank is 84Lx20Wx36H
  8. Micro-Reefs Aquarium

    UV 12 gallon AIO reef system

    Used 12 gallon AIO reef with Aqua Illumination 16 HD prime, glass skimmer, return pump, refugium LED and acrylic stand made from 1/4 inch cast acrylic!
  9. R

    Illinois 180 gallon Reef Ready Acrylic Tank, Stand, & Canopy w/T5 lights $800

    180 gallon Reef Ready Acrylic Tank, Stand, & Canopy - Used T5 lights on 3 circuits Center overflow drilled for 2 return & 2 drains (used overflow piping included) No sump included Overall Dimensions - Length - 73" - Depth - 25" - Height - 64" Tank Dimensions - Length - 72" - Depth - 24" - Height...
  10. riche

    Michigan 360 gallon acrylic tank

    Tossing around the the idea of selling the tank I was going to set up in my fishroom as it might be hard to get it in. 72”x36”x32 tall acrylic with overflow on the end . Tank only I have a video of it full of water $1600 and I will deliver it with in 2 hrs of my house in clinton township mi...
  11. Smooch30

    Florida Reef Aquarium System Located in Tampa, FL *One Low Price* $8,000

    Getting out of the hobby. Everything goes for $8,000 OBO! Tank Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"Lx36"Wx36"H Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium (has minor scratches) = $4,000.00 (Pickup Only) Canopy/Cabinets Canopy: Standard 15"(H) open back – Oak X 1 (Houses 12 Radion LED XR30w) = $500.00 (Pickup Only)...
  12. AZRipp


    If you know about Mighty Magnets, you know they are the best. Not the cheapest, but the best. I used this to clean our 1 ¼” thick acrylic tank and it worked flawlessly. In addition to the N-6 Mighty Magnet, I’m also including the following replacement felts and pads that work great for safely...
  13. Smooch30

    Florida Custom Acrylic Aquarium - 67 Gallon - 48”x18”x18” - $125

    67 gallon Custom Acrylic Aquarium for sale in Tampa, FL. $125. Dimensions are 48”x18”x18”. Three 1” overflows, two 3/4” returns.
  14. polyppal

    Colorado Custom Advanced Acrylics 18g Premium AIO Aquarium - $275 SHIPPED

    Advanced Acrylics Custom 1/2" Acrylic AIO 20x16x14 (19g) Broke down my zoa garden tank, its only 6mo or so old, great condition. Custom built by Advanced Acrylics of CA Custom AIO 20x16x14 (19g) Thick 1/2" premium acrylic construction, 1/2" top eurobrace Rear chambers 1 (4x6) 2 (4x5.25) 3...
  15. S

    Newbie sump question

    Hey all New to hobby. Saw some things about certain heaters not recommended for acrylic tanks. I plan on putting my heater/heaters in sump. I have a trigger acrylic sump and wondering if there is a recommendation for what is ok not ok for this setup. Would hate to have bowing or other issues
  16. psyduckie

    40G Shallow Tank Build

    Anyone else built their own acrylic tank with built in filtration? Would love to see pictures!!! Here is my build- 36x24x12”
  17. psyduckie

    40G Acrylic Tank Build

    Hello! Wasn’t sure where to post my question. I just got into the hobby. Decided to save some money and build an acrylic tank. My tank is 36x24x12 (lwh). Sides are 3/8” and bottom is 1/4” thick.I have attached some pics as well. Before I add water and start cycling, I was wondering if anyone...
  18. psyduckie

    40 Gallon AIO Acrylic Build

    Hello! I just got into the hobby. Decided to save some money and build an acrylic tank. My tank is 36x24x12 (lwh). I have attached some pics as well. Before I add water and start cycling, I was wondering if anyone has any experience building acrylic tanks. I wanted to know if one brace across...
  19. jskidds2294

    Will ecotech rail sit right on acrylic?

    Hey like the name of the poll said. I’m looking into buying a ecotech hms rail mount for my lights that I’m planning to put on a 72 inch acrylic tank. I noticed it said on the brs website it’s eurobrace compatible. But dose anyone know if it can grip and sit right on a acrylic tank with a flat...
  20. M

    Acrylic Tank Question

    Hi, I know this question has probably been asked many times, but I am concerned about a 120 gallon (4x2x2) acrylic tank I purchased used. It is my fault and did not do enough research ahead of time to know what to look for when buying the tank. Long story short when I got it home and started...
  21. Y8ZC

    Best Acrylic glue/weld for DIY Acrylic Tank That has Been Laser Cut?

    Hey Everyone! I just finished building an acrylic nano dropoff that holds water but has lots of air bubbles at the seams and joints. I go to an engineering college and have access to a laser cutter. After cutting, I run into the problem of the edges that were cut have a slight angle to them...
  22. S

    Monster Build 540 Gallon Reef tank from Aotearoa

    Hi All, first post. First of all thanks for accepting me in the forum community. TANK & STAND just in the process to build this reef tank which will be 93” L x 45” W x 31” H. According to vortech water volume calculator it’s around ~540 gallons. Tank is made out of acrylic and stand is from...
  23. D

    Build Thread Weld-on 4 or Weld-on 16?

    Hey guys, I am in the process of building a 300 gallon acrylic aquarium tank. I started of using the pin method and weld-on 4 But my first seem had a lot of bubbles see the attached pictures. It looks really bad and now I know I have to take it apart and start all over. My question is should I...
  24. DakotaTheHutt

    Am I screwed ?

    My tank developed these cracks over 4 months or so. I haven't seen them increase at all, but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and start looking for a new tank.
  25. SaltLifer86

    Acrylic Tank Issue

    Should I be concerned with these spots? Not sure whether to take the risk and use it.