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270gal acrylic aquarium - Minnesota - local pick up only

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Nov 7, 2022
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I have a ~270 gallon acrylic, reef-ready (2 trapezoidal overflows, pre-drilled for Herbie style overflows), tank and stand make by Midwest Custom Acrylic a couple years ago (measures 72"x30"x30" outside dimensions). I've never used it! The protective paper is still on it and it's not seen a drop of water. I had big plans. But, I'm starting a company and have small kids, so I've grown to realize that I just won't have time at this stage of my life to spend on what I was dreaming would be a super fun build. I suppose, I am hoping to recoup a bit of the money I shelled out, but also that perhaps someone else might be able to have this become their dream tank. I'm hoping to get about $2,500 for both the tank and the custom powder coated steel stand together. I also have various unused, but appropriately sized, plumbing parts you can have with it if you like. A couple photos below. Please let me know if you are interested. Local pick up only - I don't have a truck or a trailer. I can help load, but have help available. It's a big tank!

Big Tank.JPG

Big tank overflow return.JPG

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